5 things men who are not sure of their masculinity do

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Not a man enough?

As soon as a child is born he is quickly subjected to mind programming by his parents, friends, relatives and society. Because people over emphasize the importance of masculinity and masculine values so many men end up believing they are not men enough.

Even though this is clearly not the man's fault still many men keep comparing themselves to the extremely high standards the society and the media set for them and so end up feeling inferior.

Because that issue is usually too embarrassing for a man to confront he usually buries it in his subconscious mind and develops some defensive mechanisms that help him feel more masculine and project those masculine values.

5 things men who are not sure of their masculinity do

  • 1) Telling dirty jokes : In my article The psychology of jokes i explained how there is usually a psychological intention behind the jokes a person tells. Men in general usually spread dirty jokes but when a man isn't sure of his masculinity he will usually keep spreading those jokes all time.
  • 2) Acting tough: Some people are tough by nature while some others try to act tough. Being less friendly, smiling less often and acting cold are some of the ways some men use to appear strong and masculine (see also Why some men try to act tough)
  • 3) Asserting masculine values: Calling other men weak, women like, cowards can be a man's own way of asserting his strength. After all one of the main reasons people put others down is to feel better about themselves. In my article How the words people say reflect their personalities i explained how the choice of words can reflect a person's core beliefs and values. When a person stresses on masculine values so much then it might mean that he is unsure of his own masculinity
  • 4) Talking about sex more often: I have said earlier that any extreme behavior is usually an indication of an inferiority problem. Most men would normally discuss sex but when a man over does it then it might mean that he has doubts about his masculinity.
  • 5) Staring at stranger's eyes: If somone mistakenly looked a person in the eyes he will usually look away but some people keep staring on intention after the first look because of believing that others are challeneging them. Again that's one of the signs of being unsure of their masculinity (see How your eyes can decieve you)

I do all that and i don't have that problem

Human beings are so complex. In the Super powers course i said that the same behavior can be done for more than one different reason. For example a man could be cursing all the time because he wants to appear more masculine while another man could be cursing with the same frequency for a totally different reason.

This is why a snapshot of a human's behavior can hardly tell anything about him unless many other factors are taken into consideration. Yes all of the previous signs will certainly be done by men who don't feel they are men enough but this doesn't mean that each man who does them has the same issue.

In order to perfectly understand a person you need to collect lots of clues across different domains then connect the dots together in order to reach final conclusions.

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