Why masturbation can ruin your mood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Conflicting beliefs in the brain

If you think that green tea is healthy and good then you drank it then probably you won't experience any bad moods but in fact you might feel good.

Now if a part of you , even if it was a little part, believed that a certain habit is bad then each time you do that habit your mood will get negatively affected.

If like most people, you think that there is something wrong with porn and masturbation, then each time you do those habits serious emotional changes will take place inside your mind and you could end up with a totally ruined mood.

The problem with dopamine withdrawal

No i am not talking about the withdrawal symptoms a person gets when he stops a habit but i am taking about the withdrawal of the happiness and the excitement you feel right after masturbating.

When a person attempts to masturbate by watching porn a very large amount of dopamine is release in his brain. As i said in my previous articles dopamine is a chemical that makes a person feel good and it's also produced when a person consumes drugs.

Now as soon as a person masturbates another chemicals are produced that counter the effect of dopamine and that suppress it completely. This is why almost all males lose sexual desire completely after having sex or masturbating. See also Why masturbation will never help you release sexual frustration.

Now when dopamine suddenly losses its effect the only remaining things felt by the person are the horrible emotions resulting from the part in his brain that thinks that this habit is bad.

In other words the 90% of your brain that liked this habit suddenly got silenced and the rational voice of the 10% that hated it became so loud that it ruined your mood. See why masturbation makes people feel guilty.

How masturbation ruins your mood

After masturbation , and depending the degree with which you think the habit is bad, the following might happen:

  • 1) Loss of self esteem: In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that each time you fail to break a habit that you hate your self esteem goes a bit lower. After all your brain will realise that you are a weak and helpless person and so your self esteem will go lower as a result
  • 2) Inferiority: Yes masturbation can make you feel inferior. After all one of the major causes of the feelings of inferiority is shame. And because so many people think that masturbation and porn addiction are shameful they feel inferior every time they masturbate or watch porn
  • 3) Social anxiety: Masturbation doesn't cause social anxiety directly but it causes it indirectly. When you feel that you are helpless, when your self esteem goes low and when you feel inferior you will certainly experience social anxiety around people. See how masturbation can kill your confidence
  • 4) Depression: Depression happens when your mind realizes that you are dealing with a problem that has no possible soloution. Each time you masturbate or watch porn you are signaling your brain to get depressed as you are telling it that there is no hope for recovery from those habits. See masturbation causes depression

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