Why many porn addicts are just looking for a mood fix

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why Porn addiction is misunderstood

The fact that sexual desire is a natural instinct that humans have made many people mistakenly believe that porn addiction is actually caused by an intense sexual desire. The truth is that most porn addicts watch porn for reasons that are not by any means connected to sexual desire.

yes sexual desire is connected to porn but in most cases sexual desire kicks in after a person starts the act of watching porn. Most porn addicts watch porn to get aroused instead of watching porn because they are aroused. See also why a poor social life can lead to porn addiction.

Dopamine, which is the substance produced when a person watches porn, is a chemical that results in feelings of pleasure. Dopamine is also released when a person takes drugs , eats a fatty meal or have real sex.

Now as people learn to force the release of dopamine through bad habits such as watching porn they end up getting addicted to dopamine itself. See why porn addiction has nothing to do with sexual desire.

Why many porn addicts are just looking for a mood fix

In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that dopamine has a very powerful effect on the brain. It can make a person feel great, forget about his problems and experience a good mood.

Now as the porn addicts feel down , because of a bad day for example, his mind would quickly search for a possible way to fix his mood. The stored memories of that person will quickly be recalled and the person's mind will realize that he can get a quick mood fix using a burst of dopamine.

If that person was a drug addict he would feel like taking the drug he is addicted to on that day and because porn addition is just like drug addiction that person will feel like watching porn.

In such a case sexual desire or arousal had nothing at all to do with the desire to watch porn since those things kicked in later.

Yes in some case cases a person might feel like watching porn because of an intense sexual desire but in most cases a person will just watch porn to get a quick mood fix because he is already feeling down. See How a poor social life can lead to porn addiction.

Want to know whether its sexual desire or just dopamine addiction?

If you watch porn when you feel down or sad or if you do it when you need to feel better then know that you are just using that habit as a mood fix. Also if you watch porn just to get aroused then know that you are just craving your dose of dopamine which you are addicted to.

Why this mood fix never works

Porn addiction usually leads to masturbation. When that happens so many bad emotions can kick in such as guilt, shame, sadness or even depression. See why masturbation can ruin your mood.

So the attempt to fix the mood only works for a short period of time and is then followed by a serious downtime. If you think that porn addiction is bad yet you are using it as a mood fix then know that as soon as you are done you won't just return back to your previous state but you will also be loaded with an array of negative emotions that will ruin your mood even further.

Using porn as a mood fix is one of the greatest lies in modern times.

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