Porn addiction might be caused by a poor social life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The hidden reasons behind porn addiction

Porn addiction is just like any other habit or behaviour, it doesn't happen because of one or two reasons but it usually happens as a result of the presence of many factors together.

Most people , who don't know enough about the issue, try to highlight sexual desire as a main reason for porn addiction because it allows them to achieve two important objectives. The first objective those people are trying to reach is to feel more manly and the second is the desire to escape from guilt and shame. After all if porn addiction is all about the high sexual desire a person has then why should that person blame himself for watching porn? See why masturbation can ruin your mood.

Many porn addicts mistakenly believe that their sexual desire is the main reason behind their porn addiction but that's just a false belief. In my previous article Why porn addiction has nothing to do with sexual desire i explained how dopamine addiction can be the number one reason people get addicted to porn.

In addition to that powerful reason there are also many other psychological reasons that force people to get addicted to porn and that have nothing to do with sexual desire at all.

A messed up social life can lead to porn addiction

Sam was a porn addict who only got aroused by females who have certain physical looks. He used to surf the internet for hours searching for females who share that look he likes. After some time Sam started to wonder why is he only attracted to such females where as years ago he used to get attracted to different types of females?

Sam believed that something is wrong and he bravely sought help for his problem. When Sam's past was examined it was found that he was dumped by a female that he liked a lot a couple of years ago. Since that day Sam used porn as a way to dominate that female who rejected him. See why people have different sexual fantasies.

By searching for porn images for females who physically resemble that female that rejected him Sam felt happy and satisfied , at least during the porn session.

Had Sam managed to get into that relationship or to replace it with a better one then probably he wouldn't have had the need to watch that kind of porn. In other words, Sam wasn't watching porn because he had a very high sexual desire because in such a case he would have just looked at a wider range of images and not just very specific ones.

What are you searching for?

The type of porn a porn addict searches for tells a great deal about his unmet needs, important goals and to a certain extent the level of his success with his social life.

Are you using porn to compensate for lost relationships?
Are you using porn to psychologically dominate the people who rejected you?

Sam's problems were solved because he was brave enough to seek help. How brave are you?
In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that contrary to common beliefs Porn addiction isn't an indication that you are a male with high levels of testosterone but it could just be an indication that you have failed to create a good social life.

Of course that's just one angle for looking at it but no matter which angle you look at it from you will always find that porn addiction is an indication of another problem that is going on in your life.

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