How Porn addiction can lead to feelings of inferiority

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Porn ruins the mood

I remember i once got a question from one of the readers who told me that her husband loves smoking, enjoys it and doesn't want to quit. She asked me for a way to help him quit and i told her that there is no possible way for a person to quit anything before he personally believes that its bad for him.

In short, this article will only help the people who want to quit such a bad habit and the ones who think that it's wrong.

Many of the people who watch porn have a part inside them that tells them that watching porn is wrong. This part could be a result of their upbringing, values , beliefs or religion.

Those people are the ones who suffer the most as a result of doing that habit because each time they do it a serious conflict happens inside their minds. While a part of their brain craves Dopamine , which is the chemical that causes both drug and porn addition, another part keeps telling them that this habit is really bad or them.

In my previous article Why masturbation can ruin your mood i explained how the part that thinks that porn is wrong suddenly becomes more active as the effect of the extra dopamine in the brain goes away after masturbation.

When this happens the person regrets what he did as a result of having a clear mind that is not affected by any addictive substances.

How porn addiction can cause feelings of inferiority

You might be wondering what's the connection between porn addiction and feelings of inferiority?

When i talked about inferiority earlier i said that shame is one of the popular causes for inferiority feelings. When a person feels shameful he is actually thinking that he has done something that makes him less worthy than others.

When shame happens every once in a while it can hardly affect a person but when this shame keeps recurring once a week or even more then the person might end up feeling inferior. I am pretty sure you noticed that when you masturbate you feel that something is wrong for a day or two before you return back to your normal state.

This happens because a part inside you thinks that you have done something that is very shameful. In addition to that shame the helplessness that is felt as a result of constantly failing to stop that habit can contribute to your feelings of inferiority. See why do people feel guilty after masturbation.

Generally most people don't share their private lives with others and as a result masturbation feels more shameful to the person who thinks that its wrong since he also believes that no one else is doing what he is doing.

All of those feelings combined can lead to intense feelings of inferiority over the long run.

You can quit

In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that NoFap groups are on the rise. Those groups are online communities of people who abstained from both porn and masturbation.

When you get exposed to such groups you won't just realize that quitting is possible but you will also have some kind of social support that can help you get over such an addiction faster.

Also when you educate yourself about the horrible effects of such a bad habit your desire to quit will become higher and so will your motivation to stop.

Today is the last day! 2knowmyself has proudly released the ultimate guide to getting over porn and masturbation addiction, a very powerful guide that will help you get over those horrible habits even if you were single.

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