How white hair affects your mood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How our moods change

Do you wonder why our moods change so fast?
It's because in each and every moment a large amount of input passes to our brain through our senses. By just tilting your head into a different directions you might see something that triggers a certain thought and so your mood might change.

In my previous article about mood swings i explained how this new data can result in changing a person's mood in seconds.

But in order for any change to happen in the emotions a certain kind of processing must take place inside the brain. In other words the data on its own can't really impact your mood unless you have processed this data in a certain way and made certain conclusions.

For example you can see someone driving a new car and feel nothing while you can see the same scene then make some analysis and end up feeling bad because your car has to be fixed for a lot of money.

How white hair affects your mood

As soon as you see your first white hair so many calculations might take place in your mind and your mood might change as a result.

The first thing you will start to think about is that you are growing old. You might even go far and think that you are becoming weaker or less physically capable. Many people will compare their progress in life to their achievements the second they see that white hair.

Now as i said earlier the change in mood will be 100% dependant on the type of processing that always takes place in the mind. If for example a man believed that white hair makes people look wise and more handsome then actually seeing white hair might make him feel good.

On the other hand a man who believes that his goals are still far from his reach might get really sad when he sees white hair as he might conclude that he is running out of time. See i am too old to start over.

The amount of white hair

Now as the amount of white hair increases a person's emotional intensity will increase as well. So if a person felt bad when he initially saw the first white hair then probably his emotions will keep going worse as gets more white hair unless he changes something about his life or thoughts. See also fear of growing up.

In some cases the first few white hairs won't affect a person's way of thinking or mood but as the white hair becomes more dense the person might find himself forced to think about matter and as a result his mood might change.See Subconscious mind programming.

Many people , especially women, start to get concerned about their looks when they get white hair. This concern might keep growing as the white hair increases and as a result the change in emotions might become more intense.

So as you can see a single white hair can trigger a chain of thoughts that result in serious emotional change depending on what takes place in the mind.

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