I am a boring person, I dont find something to say

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am a Boring Person

Some people think that they are boring just because they don’t find something to say when being with others.

The mistake those people make is that they label themselves with the word "boring" without observing how do they act when being with close friends.

Most of the time those people will discover that they become more talkative when being with close friends and less talkative (or boring) when being with strangers. So the problem is not in being boring but the problem is with being afraid to talk with strangers!!!

If you can force yourself to talk while being with strangers even if you are afraid then you will end up being a talkative person in all situations.

What if I don’t find Something to Say?

If the problem is not finding something to say then its time to double check your interests. Usually interesting people talk about their interests. People don’t think that they are boring because they choose the topics that others would like to listen to.

So if you have a few or no interests how come you want to find something that others would like to listen to? In that case you may find yourself talking about something that they don’t like or even find yourself staying silent.

Know that the more interests you have the more you will find topics to talk about and the less people will think that you are boring.

Finally, its not about the quantity of words but its about the quality. You may not be that talkative yet you can make people enjoy your company. It all depends on selecting the right topic and the right timing.

Beware of your mind

Once you believe that you are boring you will interpret each and every signal that you dont understand in order to solidify the belief that you are boring.

The opposite can happen as well. If you thought that you are interesting then you will keep finding clues that proves that you are interesting.

I am against positive thinking that has no basis or that is not close to reality but i am completely with doing your homework then thinking positively.

People can find you boring even if you were not boring

In one of my previous articles i said that people are motivated to peruse whatever can help them reach their important goals. If you were an interesting person but didn't have a direct impact on a person's goals then he might find you boring.

For example, if your friends badly wants to get into a relationship then he might find you boring just because he is looking for a female (assuming you are a guy)

In such a case blaming yourself would be a big mistake since the problem is with that person's goals and not you.

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