why self confidence comes and goes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Self confidence comes and goes

It is true that self confidence comes and goes?
One of the rules this world we live in follows is that it moves in cycles. On day you might find yourself at the top and a few months later you might find yourself hitting the bottom.

Sometimes you might find yourself happy and in control of everything and then suddenly something happens that forces you to feel down or even depressed.

Because of this cyclical nature of life self confidence increases and decreases depending on the situations the person faces.

How to have a stable self confidence?

Self confidence doesn't come and go because of the changes that happen in the person's life but rather because he depends on external factors to feel self confident.

In order to prevent this problem from happening and in order to have a relatively stable self confidence you need to find another source to get your confidence from apart from your achievements.

In the Solid Self confidence program i advised people not to make their self confidence dependent on external factors because life is always changing and there will always be lots of ups and downs. One of the best ways to do this is to depend on your personality traits to feel confident because even if the achievements were lost the personality traits that helped you reach them will never be lost.

self confidence and Feeling beaten up

Sometimes the major cause behind lack of self confidence is losing against a big life challenge and ending up feeling defeated.

Some people lose confidence when they fail to achieve financial success and others lack confidence after failing to make someone love them. In the end the result will be the same, feelings of defeat that make the person think that he is no good and that he can't get what he want will ruin his confidence.

When this happens lots of people escape to drugs, excessive drinking or even to some other bad habits that appear less harmful like over eating.

If you are serious about building self confidence then you must stop escaping and face the problems that made you lose your self confidence.

what to do when you are at the top of your cycle

When you find yourself at the top of the cycle write down your achievements, your good traits, the great feelings you are experiencing and the compliments you get.

The main reason i am asking you to do so is that in your next down time you will forget about all of your achievements and even think that you were never successful. If you wrote down everything you will have a solid proof that you can provide to your subconscious mind when it starts to doubt your abilities.

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