When the Giant Falls

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Used to be a Giant?

So you found out today that life is not the same?
Not quite as perfect as it was yesterday? when you were just getting in the groove and now you are faced with something new? (part of the lyrics of the song no giving up now)

Have you always been the leader that people always follow then suddenly found yourself in the rear lines?

Have you been confident, happy and successful then suddenly found yourself down or even depressed?

This article is not for normal people who are going through rough times but its for giants who fell from the top.

When the Giant Falls

Sometimes you might find yourself achieving tremendous success, gaining control of your life and finding everyone talking about how great you are. At that point you might feel like you dont want anything more from life.

You might think that you will stay like this forever because of believing that you already achieved all what you wanted in life. The problem is that this kind of success lasts as long as no new parameters appear and when they do the whole situation turns around.

Why is this Happening to Me?

Life moves in cycles. One of nature’s rules is constant change. While you may be in control of everything at one time it's possible that an unexpected parameter appears and changes the situation completely.

Of course not all people who rise up fall once again but you must understand that this happens quite often. The reason i am telling you about this fact is to prevent you from feeling bad when that happens.

This doesn't mean that we should give up when we lose something that we had but on the contrary we must accept what happened then fight eagerly to win it back without feeling bad or broken.

Don’t Forget Who You Are

The biggest problem that tends to occur when someone faces that sudden change is that he might forget who he is, especially if the change lasted for years.

In such a case the person might question his previous success and even wonder if it happened because of luck!

Some people even go further and build up false beliefs like “I only succeeded before because things were different” or “Maybe all that happened to me before was just a coincidence”.

What that person did was trying to forget a part of his history not to feel bad while he is down. He tried to forget that he is a giant.

You will never be able to forget about your true self for a long period of time because the only reason that they succeeded in the first place was because you are a giant.

A giant is never affected by external conditions. He may fall down, but one day he will get up again and return to his true position.

One of the strongest reasons that make people forget about their success is the lack of personal media. Personal media is a special type of media that you create in order to motivate yourself, remind yourself of your achievements and keep yourself enthusiastic.(Read more about creating your own media).

"Its not a shame for a giant to fall,but what is really shameful is forgetting that he is a giant"

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Did that help?

I tried many times yet failed!!

More about false beliefs?

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