I am sick of being fat

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am sick of being fat

I know how it feels like to be sick of your body shape and to eagerly want to change the way you look.

In my research about weight loss i have spoken to many people who have been fat and who managed to lose weight until they reached their desired body shapes.

Contrary to your common beliefs losing weight is completely possible and the only reason you are sick of being fat is that you have been doing the wrong actions in the past period and that's why you didn't manage to lose weight yet.

Why people fail to lose weight?

I exercise four times a week. Few weeks ago a met a new comer to the gym who was wondering why he didn't become muscular even though he has been exercising for two whole weeks.

The mentality of the lose weight quickly or of reaching the ideal body in few weeks is the main reason people fail to lose weight.

In order to lose weight and to reach your ideal body you must change your life style permanently so that you reach the ideal body as the time passes.

Any change to your life style that is not permanent will result in a change in your body that is not permanent.

If you went to the gym everyday, exercised hard and prevented yourself from eating fatty foods you will lose weight but sooner or later you will gain it again because you wont be able to sustain your new life style.

Sick of being fat, here is the solution

In my book The ultimate guide to weight loss i said that your body shape is the resultant of your eating habits and your life style.

If you want to make a permanent change to your body shape then you must make a permanent change to your life style. Dieting is a ridiculous idea because you will never be able to sustain it throughout your life and even if you did your life will be horrible.

Instead of dieting decide that you will run for 30 minutes a day but before doing so remind yourself that in order to keep the change you need to stick to this new habit for your entire life.

To summarize all these points in few words, successful weight loss is all about finding the bearable permanent changes to your life style that can help you reach the body you want as time passes.

Compare this with the guy who joins the gym at April and leaves at June feeling happy because he has developed his six packs. Few weeks later he will lose his six packs and the hope of having an ideal body.

Weight loss takes time and only bearable changes can be sustained throughout this time.

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