Attracting Successful People

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

A Journey to the Land of the Successful

Alexandria 2001, almost everyone that I knew seemed to be successful or at least happy with their lives.

At that time, whenever I met someone, it usually didn’t take us more than a few minutes to start talking about something positive and constructive. I didn’t know what exactly was happening but it was clear that i was meeting and making friends with successful people.

Whenever I saw someone who thought that achieving his goals was hard I used to wonder, how come can someone think that way?!! How can anyone so easily admit defeat and give up his dreams and ambition?

Being around successful people made me consider the ones who didn't succeed or those who gave up as the exceptions. This was because everything around me at that time reinforced my belief that anybody can be successful, regardless of how their circumstances were.

A Journey to the Land Of the Desperate

Alexandria 1997 Everyone I met at that time seemed to be a total failure. Whenever i used to talk to anyone we usually ended up thinking of ourselves as victims and blaming everything around us for our failures.

I didn’t know why these things were happening but it seemed to me at that time that people only wanted to talk about the negative aspects of their lives.

Whenever I saw someone who was successful, I used to think of him as an exception and I used to wonder how can anybody be happy in spite of all of life's daily problems? Being surrounded with sad and desperate people taught me new ways to blame life for my problems.

But Why??

What made me only talk about negative things and meet people who have negative beliefs about life in 1997? And what made me meet only successful people with positive beliefs about life in 2001?

The answer is simple: It all depended on my state of mind.

The Law of Attraction

Whenever we find ourselves happy we start to talk about positive things and about our achievements. Naturally, out of those people who accompany us, only those who find that our words make sense are going to find them appealing. Thus, we attract people who are successful and motivated because for others we seem to be talking about things that don’t exist (like success, happiness…etc).

On the other hand, whenever we feel down we start to talk about negative things and so this attracts people with similar problems. Everybody around us seems to be suffering just as we are and even if we met someone who wasn't that sad, we usually remind him of his problems by constantly speaking in a negative way.

Want to Attract Successful People?

Rebelling against your negative self-talk and against your negative thoughts is what can make you meet successful and happy people even if you are down.

You aren’t going to meet people who speak negatively unless you remind them of negative things. If you send out negative words and phrases you will most likely receive negative stories and have negative conversations. The opposite is also true: if you send out positive words and phrases you will receive positive stories and encouraging words.

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