Signs that your Ex has moved on

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why it is very important to know the answer

I have managed to help millions of people , through 2knowmyself, to recover from breakups and i can confidently say that one of the main things that prevent recovery is believing that there is still some hope in the relationship. When a person hangs on to hope his mind never starts the recovery process because it still believes that he can still get back to his ex.

This is why In my book How to get over anyone in few days i said that the most important step needed for recovery is killing that hope.

Every now and i then a get a message from someone who tells me that he interested in getting his ex back and i discover that this person is stuck in that phase without being able to recover or move forward with his life. This is why i decided to write this article to tell you about the signs that show that your Ex has moved on so that you can kill hope and recover fast.

Signs that your Ex has moved on

  • 1) Indifference: Contrary to common beliefs when a person treats you badly it doesn't mean that he is not interested but it actually shows that he still cares. When a person moves on completely he usually becomes indifferent to your actions (see also signs that someone is not interested in you)
  • 2) Nice and distant: When a person loses interest in someone he usually becomes nice but distant. The person becomes nice because he no longer cares about inflicting harm on you but he also becomes distant because he doesn't care about getting close (see How to know if someone likes you)
  • 3) Replying late: While some people reply late on intention ,to show that they don't care, still the repetition of such action shows that your Ex has became indifferent towards you. People mistakenly keep over analyzing the messages they get while forgetting that they get a reply once every few days.
  • 4) Not trying to prove that they are happy: When a person still cares he will try to prove that he is happy by posting pictures with his friends or with his new relationship partner. When a person seems to not care about showing that level of happiness then this usually shows that he doesn't care anymore
  • 5) Not initiating talks: As a general rule the person who is interested in someone will always find ways to initiate new talks. If a person just responds nicely but never initiates talks or asks many questions then it's a clear sign that this person recovered
  • 6) Getting into a relationship: While some people get into rebound relationships in order to forget about their exes still this usually happens right after the breakup. If your ex took the time before getting into a relationship then there is a very big possibility that he/she has moved on
  • 7) Not responding every time: When a person becomes indifferent he will usually respond when he has time and ignore calls when he is busy. If your ex answers you sometimes and doesn't answer in other times then he/she might have moved on
  • 8) Body language will show lack of interest: If your ex yawned in your presence, took side steps while talking to you, didn't face you properly and responded with short answers then most probably your ex isn't interested in you anymore

What you should do

If you realized that your Ex has moved on then congratulations because you are more than half way to recovery. The only thing you need to do now is take expand your social circle and to restore your social life so that you prepare yourself to meet someone else.

If you believe your Ex hasn't moved on and if you are still interested in the relationship then there is nothing better than direct confrontation. If a person is interested in someone then he will hardly say no if that person asked him to get back to the relationship.

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