10 signs that show that someone is not by any means interested in you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

IS he not interested?

Knowing whether someone likes you or not can be a tricky thing especially if you don't know what signs you should be looking for. Sometimes its easier to know if someone is not interested in you than to know if he is interested.

The main mistake people might make when trying to find out whether someone is interested or not is that they don't sum up the signs. In other words you can't use one or two signs from this article to form a conclusion but you need to collect as many signs as you can before you can tell that something is going on (whether its positive or negative). (see also can you love a person you were never interested in)

In order to save yourself from the pain of being attached to someone who is not interested you need to figure it out early before this person starts sending you powerful signs that might embarrass you.

10 signs that show that someone is not by any means interested in you

  • 1) Yawning a lot in your presence: People yawn when a small amount of oxygen reaches the brain and this usually happens when a person starts losing interest. If yawning happened more than once then certainly this person thinks that there is a much more interesting thing that he can be doing right now
  • 2) Consistent Short answers: People reply with short answers when they are busy but if you kept getting short answers consistently then know that this person isn't interested in a keeping a conversation going
  • 3) Asking no questions: When sometimes becomes interested in someone else he asks a lot of questions and tries to know more about that person he is interested in. If someone is not interested then he won't bother knowing anything
  • 4) Not showing off: In my book How to know if someone likes you in 30 minutes i said that normal people ,who aren't showy, do their best to display all of their good things in front of the people they are interested in. Now if someone is not showing his good qualities to you then there is a big possibility that he is not interested
  • 5) Not replying back to conversations (sometimes) if it happened more than once that a person didn't get back to you after you initiated a conversation (usually online) then there is a big possibility that this person is not interested

Signs that you are being kept as a second option

  • 6) Saying that he is not the commitment type: Even commitment phobics change their rules when they meet someone they really like. If someone didn't want to commit then certainly he is not interested
  • 7) Contacting you once every few days or weeks: If a person contacts you once every few days or weeks then there is a big possibility that you are being kept as a second option
  • 8) Talks really nice when you contact him but never starts : If a person responds really nice when you talk to him but never initiates conversations then it means he is not that interested
  • 9) Shows signs of interest for sometime then disappears for sometime: if someone shows that he is interested then backs off for weeks then it might mean that he doesn't like you that much
  • 10) Never taking a serious step: If someone is not that interested he will never take a serious step and if he took it there is a big chance that he will change his mind later on

This doesn't mean you are bad

Some people have types, others look for things to satisfy their own psychological needs and not having those things doesn't mean that you are bad or no good.

The reason i wrote this article is to prevent you from being pushy when being pushy will only make you look bad and will not bring any results.

Yes people do change their minds but if you are not someone's type then the chance is almost non existent.

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