7 Signs You Aren't Ready For A Relationship

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

1- You are desperate

Desperation is one of the most powerful signs that show that you are not ready for a relationship. When you try to find someone just because you are too desperate you are very likely to make a horrible choice. When you become desperate you will be in a hurry and you will overlook many of the potential problems that could arise later on.

2- You always choose the wrong people

If you always choose the wrong people then the problem isn't with your luck but rather with your strategy. Instead of trying to find someone else to fix yourself you need to pause and find out why are you repeating the same mistake over and over again. (see 10 signs you should break up now)

3- You are looking for love not a future partner

People who get into relationships because they need to be loved usually sacrifice many of their important needs just to get that love as fast as they can and the result is always a wrong choice that ruins their lives. (See also 5 signs you are a love addict).

4- You just came out of a messed up relationship

After a bad relationship most people need some time to recover and to understand the lessons. People who quickly jump from a relationship to another never give themselves the time to learn from their past failures and as a result they end up failing again. (see also Rebound relationships)

5- You can't stay single

People who can't stay single even for short periods of time are love addicts who seek love just to fix their moods. Those people always look for someone to fill their emotional gaps even if he is not a good match. It's the same as drug addiction where someone uses a substance to help him forget about his unsolved life problems Instead of bravely trying to solve them.

6- You are doing it because it's about time

So many people try to get into a relationship when they feel that time is running out. As soon as they hit a certain age they quickly try to get into a relationship not to be late but the consequences are usually horrible. The right time for marriage differs from one person to another and rushing things only leads to wrong choices. (see also The right time for marriage)

7- You have no idea what you really want

If you do not have a sufficient degree of self understanding and if you don't know why you fall for certain people and not others then you might want to pause and understand yourself first. When you to know your real needs you will be able to make the correct choice. Fortunately you can learn that by visiting the psychology of love section.

Why rushing into a relationship is really bad

You might ignore those words and simply decide to get indulged in your next quest but there is a very important thing you should know. A messed up relationship can ruin your life more than staying single for long periods of time can. In fact staying single for a long period of time doesn't have any side effects but an abusive relationship can keep you broken for a while.

To make the right choice you need to be emotionally stable, very patient and extremely aware of your important needs. Rushing into a relationship might help you get a temporary relief but sooner or later things will get really bad.

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