The difference between love and attachment

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Confusing love for something else

Try to eat a certain kind of food every morning in the same time for 2 weeks. Then after that try to stop that food all of a sudden. You will realize that , even if you didn't love that food much, you will still miss it a lot and even crave it. This happens because you got attached to this food as you got used to it.

So what does this has to do with love?
Love can be confused for a wide array of emotions. You can get a feeling towards a person that is based on pure attachment or something that has nothing to do with love then believe that you are in love.

Some people get confused when they hear those words because they believe that if emotions are present then love must also be present but this is not always the case. Sometimes false emotions are developed based on factors that have nothing to do with love. See also Does getting butterflies mean you're in love

A person can easily confuse one of those factors with love then think that he has real emotions for a person.

Confusing love for attachment

A friend of mine was introduced to a guy she didn't like. The guy kept pushing for a relationship but my friend didn't find him interesting. As the guy kept insisting and the friends of my fried kept pressuring her to accept she decided to give that person a chance.

After few month that guy decided to break up and leave her. My friend , who hated rejection from the bottom of her heart, got depressed when the guy left her and believed that she truly loved him while in fact she just got attached to him.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i explained how so many people confuse love for other emotions then fail to recover from breakups.

Your desire not to be dumped, the fact that you got used to the presence of someone , the fact that you want to be approved and so many other factors can result in false attachment that has nothing to do with love.

So how can i tell if it's true love?

Our subconscious minds can get attached to both people we love and people we don't love. In both cases you will believe that you are in love, because of the emotions you are experiencing, but it won't always be true love.

So how can someone tell whether the feelings he has is true love or just feelings of attachment?
Remember when i talked about the love map and said that it's the list of requirements you want to see in your future partner?

Write down your love map after perfectly becoming aware of it then compare the people you have emotions for to the love map and see if they match most of the items. Don't try to do this while you are already attached to someone because most probably your opinion will be biased as you will hope to go on with the relationship even if it was based on false love.

Instead find a time where you are single then write down the things you wish to see in a potential partner. If you later had emotions for a person who didn't have the things you are looking for then know that this is false love.

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