The kind of man women like

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are all women the same?

Of course not, each woman is a different case. What attracts one woman could be very different from what attracts another woman but in spite of these differences there are few hard coded needs in almost every woman's mind.

Most women want safety and protection and this is why so many of them get attracted to bad boys. In my previous article How to become a bad boy instantly i explained how men can become more attractive to women by just adjusting their behavior to appear more dominant.

But so many people still wonder how does this bad boy look like. That's why i decided to write this article to tell you about the kind of behavior that attracts most women.

The kind of man women like

So many articles describe a bad boy as a guy who has a tattoo, a leather jacket and a motorbike while in fact things are much more complex than this superficial description.

Even seen a guy and felt threatened?
Ever seen a guy and thought that this is the kind of guy you don't want to pick up a fight with?

Well this is typically the kind of man that attracts most women. He looks threatening, intimidating and strong. He will definitely be extremely assertive, he will be so sure of himself, he wont be smiling to everyone and his external appearance will give the impression that he slightly aggressive.

I am sure so many women told you that they want to be with a sensitive and caring guy but when it comes to understanding people you should not give any weight to what they say but rather to what they do.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that most women fall for that bad boy and consider getting out his sensitive part a challenge. Now because that man became more of a challenge women get more excited about him.

Compare this to the guy who bought flowers and was extremely nice from day one. Is there any kind of an interesting challenge here?

This is why a nice guy always loses

While the previous traits might make a person less friendly still they send so many indirect messages that women get. Here they are:

  • 1) This man can protect me: The bad boy seems strong enough to women and as a result they assume that he is a good source of protection
  • 2) He doesn't need me: Being needy pushes anyone away and because the bad boy is anything but needy women find him more attractive (see also Why nice guys finish last)
  • 3)He is confident: Confidence is one of the traits that attracts most women. Now because the bad boy is assertive and not desperate for love or attention he appears much more confident than other guys (see also The kind of confidence that attracts women)

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