7 Tips to become a bad boy instantly

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do bad boys always win?

I am pretty sure that you have seen at least one case where the nice guy got dumped in favor of the bad boy. Why does that nice, loving, helpful and caring guy always lose to the ruthless uncaring jerk?

Its because women were designed in such a way to fall for those who are less needy, emotionally stronger and more confident. (see also Why do women like bad boys?)

The good news i have for you is that there are few quick things that you can do to become more like a bad boy.

7 Tips to become a bad boy instantly

  • 1) Don't smile or nod while listening: Nice guys always display a smile on their face while listening to women. Studies have found that men who smile often appear less attractive than those who don't simply because the less a man smiles the more tough and intimidating he appears to be
  • 2) Stare to intimidate: One of the popular words related to bad boys is intimidation. While no one likes to be intimidated women tend to get attracted to those who appear more threatening. When you look at it from a psychological point of view it makes a lot of sense. After all women want protection and who can protect them more than a tough intimidating guy? (see also How to become tough)
  • 3) Talk less Bad boys don't talk so much. They just know how to use the fewest possible words to explain themselves. When you talk less you become more mysterious, less boring and on top of that you appear less needy. (see also Why being mysterious makes you less attractive)
  • 4) Pause often: Stare at people before you talk or pause while talking. This will make the listener feel a bit uncomfortable. You might wonder why would someone want to feel uncomfortable? Simply because this feeling makes the woman think that you are a dangerous guy
  • 5) Don't get so emotional or excited: Do you know that type of excitement a kid experiences when he gets a new toy? That's the one you should avoid. When you display less emotions you become more mysterious and harder to please. This sends a message to the woman telling her that you aren't easy to get and that you are more worthy than others
  • 6) Get tough: Being tough is one of the irreplaceable requirements for becoming a bad boy. You don't have to have big muscles but you just need to appear both emotionally and physically strong. Don't keep complaining about your life, don't act weak and don't make it seem like life is so hard for you (see also How to be strong in life)
  • 7) Be Brave/Take risks: A bad boy is a courageous and brave person. While most people would be intimated by simple risks a bad boy won't think twice before taking them. You don't have to jump over the top of a cliff to be a bad boy. Studies have shown that the average person feels uncomfortable sitting in a new table in the restaurant he visits each week. See? Its not hard to be braver than the majority

When to activate the bad boy mood?

Just like you may have already guessed treating everyone that way will let you make fewer friends. In a previous article about friendship psychology i said that a person becomes friends with the ones he feels comfortable around the most.

Now because acting like a bad boy will make you more intimidating to people you will end up making less friends.

The best thing you can do is to learn how to become a bad boy for a short period of time so that you make sure you can activate the bad boy mood whenever needed.

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