The power of choice

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The power of choice

Do you know that a single mental action such as deciding to be different can have a great impact on your actions and your whole life?

Do you know that a single moment where you decide to change can dramatically change your future life?

Do you know that strength, courage and other good traits,including self confidence, can be developed as a result of a choice?

Sounds strange right? How can someone change instantly? and how can this be true while there are millions of people out there who want to change but can't do it?

In this article i will tell you how you can use the power of choice to change your life overnight.

How choices can change your reality

So what happens when a person makes a choice?
Lets suppose that you decided to be strong, the following is going to happen:

As soon as you decide to be strong your subconscious mind will consider this decision a new important goal and based on that:

  • 1) It will remind you of that decision whenever its needed: Lets suppose that you faced a setback 2 days after you decided to become strong, in such a case instead of experiencing the usual feelings you experience during such occasions you will find yourself being reminded by your choice. Now if you decided to stick to that choice you will be surprised to find yourself experiencing much less bad emotions than the ones you were supposed to experience. (see also Choosing your emotions)
  • 2) It will let you see things in a different way: As soon as you decide to be strong you will start seeing things differently. Any tool that can help you become stronger will become more visible and anything that can make you weaker will become repelling. A study has shown that people's minds become more tuned to encounter the things they need. This means that if you were feeling hungry food will become more visible to you and much easier to notice. (see also Unmet needs psychology)
  • 3) It will keep you on track: when you chose to become strong your subconscious mind will start monitoring all of your actions all the time and as soon as it finds you acting weak it will remind you of your main goal. Its as if your subconscious mind dedicates a special guard who watches over your new choice and makes sure that it becomes true

Self confidence and the power of choice

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that even self confidence can be acquired as a result of a choice.

Don't get this wrong, you won't become confident instantly when you chose to be confident but instead you will find yourself taking all the actions that can help you become confident and as a result you will end up being confident.

Its the same as the football player who decides to be a professional and as a result finds himself motivated to train all day long. In the end he will become a professional because of the effort he did which was fueled by the choice he made.

Why people find it hard to change then?

If change can happen that way then why do most people fail to change? This happens because of one big reason:

People don't know the difference between making a choice and wanting to make a choice. There is a big difference between dreaming and having a dream. While the first is the act of day dreaming and doing nothing the second is the act of fighting hard for what you believe in. Many people become dreamers, do nothing then wonder why didn't anything change. (see How to realize your dreams)

If you want to utilize the power of choice then you need to take serious actions instead of becoming a dreamer.

I know people who want to change today
They wanted to do it 10 years ago
and they will still want to do it for the next 20 years
Unless one day they make a choice!

Only then they will experience real change.

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