Why dont people change

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why people dont change

Why dont most people change?
Why would someone keep doing his same behaviour over and over even though he is not getting the results that he wants?

Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get different results. If that's the case then why dont people change?

Why would someone keep procrastinating all the time then complain about not reaching his goals?

If a person was really happy with his life then certainly there wont be any need for change but why would someone who is in desperate need to change do nothing about it!

If you are wondering why dont people change then read this article and you will understand it all.

Reasons why people dont change

Here are some reasons that will help you understand why people dont change even though they are in need of change:

  • 1) They don't see it: Most people dont recognize the error in their behaviour and they usually blame other reasons for their misfortunes. "I procrastinate because i am not in the mood, if only i was in the mood i would have studied". That's a typical excuse you hear from a procrastinator when you ask him why he procrastinates. The habit of giving excuses prevents many people from recognizing their problematic behaviour and that's where coaching becomes very useful as it helps people find out these errors.
  • 2) They are not brave: The second most popular reason that prevents people from changing is the lack of courage to step out of their comfort zones. The person who spends his life hesitating is the one who doesn't have enough courage to move a step forward (see Hesitation causes & What's real courage). The perfect example for lack of courage is the employee who hates his job from the bottom of his heart yet never thinks about changing it because of his fear. The second and the most important step a coach should do to help someone is to motivate him to develop courage (see Our coaching programs).
  • 3) They don't know what to do: In an earlier article i said that people do the best that they can do during any given situation while being restricted by their current resources. This means that the person who is doing a bad behaviour is actually doing his best because he knows no better!! One of the main reasons people dont change is that they dont know the next step they should take in order to change. That's why self understanding and learning are crucial parts of personal development. Unless you educate yourself or get support from someone who can help you find your way you might remain stuck where you are forever
  • 4) They don't believe that they can do anything: The difference between this point and the previous one is that in the previous one the person is completely clueless about the direction he should take while in this case the person knows what to do but he just believes that it wont work (see Limiting beliefs & Why do i feel helpless)

How can people change?

From the previous points we can conclude that in order for people to change they first need to see life from a different angle in order to recognize that their behaviour led them to where they are now.

Next the person must develop courage in order not to fall in the trap of living with excuses or even worse deceiving himself. (see How can i have courage)

If those two steps were done right then the last part (which is educating himself about the right things he should do in order to change) will become the easiest part.

If you want to change or if you want to change someone that you love then make sure that you follow the previous advice.

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