The right way to market things (the psychology of marketing)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The right way to market things (the psychology of marketing)

The word marketing is not limited to the business world but it extends to include any attempt to make something more popular whether its a person, an idea, a product or anything else.

Ever wondered why do certain things become popular while others don't?
Sometimes i write a status on Facebook and get a small number of likes and sometimes i write another status and get more than 100 likes. (see How to become popular)

What is that all about? and why do some things catch the attention of people more than others?

Each and every person has certain unmet needs, beliefs and thoughts. If your product, status update or whatever you are trying to promote resonated with that person's beliefs and needs then he will certainly like it.

Here is a simple example, these days politics is a big concern in Egypt to almost everyone because of the revolution that happened in 2011. If right after an important political event took place i wrote a status on Facebook related to that event i get a tremendous number of responses.

This happens because my words resonates with people's current thoughts and beliefs.

So the first rule we can conclude from these facts is that targeting the group's need can be the best way to market something.

Connecting the need with the thing you are marketing

Most people don't know what's right for them that's why amazing people and ideas can get rejected.(see The key to success)

A brilliant idea could get rejected only to become very successful later on. This happens because people don't always manage to connect their needs to the things that can satisfy these needs. (see Why you shouldn't pay attention to rejections)

For example, if i advertised on facebook some of 2knowmyself articles that can help people deal with depression then most probably a large number of depressed people won't even click on the links. This happens because those people can't connect the benefit they will get from the site with the problem that they have.

Now what clever marketers do in such a case is that they target a completely different need that people have then lure them to their products. Here is a real example, one company that sells shampoo offered a free test drive for a ferrari for people who will try its products.

In such a case the need to drive the Ferrari motivated people to try a product that they were never interested in only to find that this product helps them meet an important unmet need!

The 2knowmyself comedy movie

2knowmyself sells its products in 190 countries but the ironic thing is that the Egyptian market, the place where 2knowmyself main office resides, is the market that buys the least products.

Egyptians love to laugh and to watch comedy movies that's why we created an Arabic comedy movie that we will launch on our social media channels. From the outside this movie will lure people because it appears as if its a comedy movie but from the inside the comedy movie itself is a subtle advertisement for 2knowmyself's products.

The movie is all about 3 people who were sad until they discovered a life changing secret ( a piece of paper with something written on it). After the transformation happens to their lives in a funny way the audience get to discover that the paper those people found was no more than a 2knowmyself flyer.

This movie targets the need to laugh that Egyptians have and in the same time lures them to 2knowmyself products so that they discover that they are life changing ones.

This is how to do marketing : )

I have managed to become a self made millionaire at the age of 28. This didn't happen by chance because i already wrote that goal down five years before i accomplished it. Becoming rich is not about luck, starting big or being intelligent but its all about having certain beliefs about money and life.

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