This is why you can't enjoy life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why i didn't enjoy the game

I love games so much. Whenever i have some free time at the end of the day i usually play one of my favorite games. Some games are very immersive that you get deeply involved while playing them. Those games usually trigger feelings of happiness and make me feel better. See why do games affect us emotionally.

Few days ago i injured my right arm during my boxing training and for the first 2 days i couldn't move my fingers. During that time i was waiting to know whether its a simple injury or a more complex one that would require weeks of healing. I am a gym addict and i can't imagine sitting at home for weeks because of an injury, this is why i was so concerned during the first 2 days.

During those days i used to spend my time playing games , since i couldn't work with one hand, and i noticed a very strange pattern.

I didn't enjoy the game at all. While a part of me wanted to play the game that i loved another part was so concerned about my hand to the extent that it made me unhappy and prevented me from fully enjoying the game.

You might be thinking what does this have to do with enjoying life but in fact that's exactly the same reason why you can't enjoy life.

This is why you can't enjoy life

So many people preach the concept of conscious living , which is all about living the moment, in a totally wrong way. When my hand was injured i tried to live the moment by playing games but the subconscious mind can't just be forced to forget about one of its concerns.

So many people try to force themselves to forget about their real life concerns in order to enjoy the moment but shortly they realize that they can hardly enjoy anything for their minds never leave them alone.

If you tried to enjoy life without resolving your important issues in life then your mind will always be restless and you will never be able to enjoy life. See the right way to live the moment.

What is meant by a resolution here is not a permanent solution but rather a simple action plan than can help you figure out what the next step would be. For example in my case i should have went to the hospital right away to do an X-ray. Based on the X-ray result i should have came up with an action plan or a healing plan depending on my condition.

But because i didn't do that step and ignored it my mind kept distracting me whenever i tried to enjoy the moment or live life fully.

Are you ignoring your problems

Now what about you?
How many problems have you been ignoring?
Are you trying to enjoy life while you have so many issues that need proper resolution?

Your mind will never allow you to enjoy life before you resolve your important issues by at least coming up with an action plan that can help you handle them. This action plan can be a long term one. For example you could have a 3 year plan to improve your career and you would still be able to enjoy your life if you had faith in this plan.

Now do you know why do so many people never come up with resolutions to their problems?
There are so many reasons but the most popular one is fear. If you are too afraid to face your problems then you will run away from them and when that happens enjoying life will become impossible as your mind will never leave you alone.

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