This why steve jobs was so ambitious

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How do i think of jobs

Steve jobs for me is more than just a successful man. I consider him a legend, a one of a kind, a person who truly changed the world. He revolutionized so many industries, created one of the most successful companies of all time and changed the lives of almost every person who lives on our planet.

Even if you never bought an Apple product still there is a very big chance that your life changed because of Steve jobs. Jobs is the founding father of the PC revolution, he is the reason smart phones exist, Disney would have been bankrupt hadn't he been there, Microsoft might have not been there if Jobs weren't around and the list goes on.

I consider Jobs an Idol, an extraordinary human and a perfect example of a person who lived a rich life and pushed the human race forward.

The psychological analysis of Jobs' personality

When Steve jobs was asked about the way the fact that he was adopted affected his life he replied saying that it didn't have any effect on him, that his adopting parents loved him and that he never felt bad about it.

Just like most people Jobs wasn't really aware of the way his subconscious mind works. In spite of the fact that he was a genius he just didn't have enough facts to understand how some psychological factors affect the person's desire to prove to the world that he much more influential than they think.

Most adopted children feel unloved, not by their adopting parents, but by their original parents who dumped them. No matter how great the childhood of the child is he will always think that his biological parents thought that he was insignificant.

This is why adopted children become extremely ambitious. Without realizing it consciously they develop the unconscious goal of proving to the world that they are extremely significant. Those were the basic building blocks of Steve's personality and ambition.

Of course those things happened on the unconscious level and this is why he might have never been aware of them. Under the effect of the desire to prove himself significant he didn't just want to become successful, he didn't really care about money but all he cared about was changing the world.

Why Steve jobs felt really bad when he got fired from Apple

Any person would feel too bad if he got fired from the company he founded but the reason Steve's feelings were so bad is that the event reminded him of the fact that his biological father abandoned him.

When Jobs was fired he didn't just feel bad because he lost his company but he also felt bad because on the unconscious level he felt abandoned for the second time. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how things hurt us so much when they touch an already existing emotional wound.

This event fueled Steve's desire to become even more successful than he was at apple and this led him to acquiring Pixar then turning it into one of the most successful animation companies that ever existed.

As far as i know, Jobs was also raised as an only child by his adopting parents. Only children get so much attention from their parents, believe that they are special and usually become very ambitous. Now combine this with the Fact that Jobs knew that he was adopted and you would understand why he was extremely ambitious.

Where does ambition come from?

Ambition comes from the desire to do something great. So many psychological factors can make a person ambitious such as realizing that he was adopted. However in order for a person to become truly ambitious those psychosocial factors aren't enough.

In addition to those factors that person needs to have a lot courage. If you are wondering why so many adopted people never become ambitious the simple answer is that they don't have enough courage to prove themselves.

In fact after reading about Steve's Jobs story and analyzing it from a psychological point of view i wished i was adopted.

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