What can The maze runner movie teach you about success in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Yesterday i watched the Maze runner movie and i was really impressed. Apart from the fact that i liked the plot a lot what impressed me about the movie was the way i connected the story to our everyday life.

The story of the movie in short is about some people who found themselves trapped in a maze that is full of deadly predators. Inside that maze was one safe zone where those people built shelters and lived their lives normally. All of the people inside the maze had their memory erased that they don't know how they arrived there.

Each morning some runners (the people assigned the runners rank by the group) went into the dangerous part of the maze trying to find a way out then returned by dawn before the monsters woke up.

What can The maze runner movie teach you about success in life

Most people inside the maze lost hope of getting out and instead of trying to do anything about it they worked on securing food and shelter inside the safe area of the maze so that they can live there forever!

One day Thomas, a new comer to the maze, decided to challenge the rules and find an escape route but he faced severe resistance from Gally the assigned leader of the pack.

While Thomas was trying to convince people that they can escape Gally and those who followed him made it clear that they are stuck forever and that its their destiny to live inside the maze.

So were you able to connect this story to our lives yet?

How many years have you been living inside a maze?
How many years have you held beliefs that stated that your life can't change?
How many people stood against you and brought you back to your old beliefs when you told them that life can be lived differently?

Living in a mental prison

While i don't remember the full conversations i still remember parts that would deliver you the meaning i want. Here are two awesome conversations that happened in the movie (according to my memory):

Thomas: There is a way
Gally: Look Rookie, you have been here since 3 days and i am living here since 3 years, i know better than you
Thomas: you have been imprisoned since 3 years and you are still in the maze instead of being out of it. Doesn't this show that you need to try different things?

What i loved about this conversation is that it explained exactly why so many people remain stuck in their lives. They just build false beliefs then never try anything new and as a result they remain in their mental prison for years.

Thomas: I don't belong to the maze. I was put here and i will find my way out

This line points out one of the very important facts about success in life. You can't really control your starting point in life but you are 100% responsible for its end and whatever that happens in between.

The move can be considered analogous to the mental prisons some people live in throughout their lives and the resistance they face when they try to do things differently. In the Super powers course i explained how people get trapped by their beliefs and remain there for as long as they hold them.

Now the two questions i have for you are:

Are you living in a Maze?
And do you intend to spend the rest of your life there? Or do you want to get out?

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