This is why you are not making any progress in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why ain't i getting any results?

Ever wondered why you are not that successful?
Ever wondered why aren't you making any progress in life?
Ever wondered why you aren't getting any results even though you are trying hard?
Would a person who is smart, persistent, ambitious and creative fail to succeed in life?

I am sure you asked yourself those questions before and i am also sure that the answers you got didn't appeal to you. When a person starts to wonder why he isn't successful or when he asks friends or even experts he usually gets the same common answers that everyone is repeating.

Being told that you weren't lucky enough, that you didn't get the right chance or even that you are not talented are among the common answers to those questions.

But if you are a person who believes in himself then you must have already guessed that the answer to your question isn't any of the previous ones and you are right. Its something that you have never thought about before.

This is why you are not making any progress in life

Here is the quick answer: You aren't getting any results because your psychological makeup is preventing you from becoming successful fast. Confused yet?

Then those stories will make it all clear:

  • 1)Case1: Joe is an extremely persistent person. He trains at the gym 7 times a week, he follows a strict diet and he never misses his training but..... he is getting no results. Even though Joe has strong will power, persistence and knowledge he is not making any progress. Joe's problem is that he is too insecure to allow his body to rest for one day between each two training days. Joe's body burns food quickly and because of that extensive training he is losing mass. Because he is too insecure to stop training 3 days a week he never gets results
  • 2)Case2: Nate always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur but the last 7 projects he worked on never became successful. Even though Nate is persistent, hard worker, creative and ambitious his plans never worked. Nate's problem was that he was too in a hurry to succeed that he starts on projects without fully analyzing them. His lack of patience always pushes him to start quickly only to realize that he wasn't right. Had he had the patience to study one single project for a month or two before beginning on it he would have succeeded long ago (see also Why is success taking so long)
  • 3) Case3: Susan is a successful entrepreneur who has been trying to make her company grow for the past 3 years but she never succeeded. Susan's problem was that she was too afraid of delegation that she never allowed her employees to do something new on their own. Because of that insecurity she was running a one man show that never allowed her business to grow (see also Top mistakes to avoid in life)

What about your own psychological disorders?

As you just saw you might be a brilliant, persistent and self motivated person yet your progress in life could be halted just because of a certain psychological problem that you suffer from.

If you are serious about success in life then you must understand that all the skills in the world won't help you if you had a psychological disorder that is restraining your potential.

Do you believe in the "all or nothing concept"?
Are you a procrastinator?
Are you a perfectionist?

No matter the kind of psychological problem that you might be suffering from it will slow down your progress or even halt it completely.

Understand yourself perfectly, know about your personal disorders and then get rid of them. Only then your skills, ambition and persistence will become useful.

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