What's your excuse

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Story of Lucky

Few days ago i got a surprising email from one of 2knowmyself readers. Here are few lines of that email:

"Second, I am blind person and usually I convert pdf files to microsoft word document in order to fully read them, but in some cases, during the conversation, a pdf book eather loses some words, sentences,parts, or it messes letters which can be so frustrating. I'm telling you this especially because of html codes in the book which may be unarranged. I am a programmer and I have too much experience with this. You guess, when it happens with a codes, it's not usable any more"

After reading that email i actually thought some kind of a miss understanding happened. After all i was pretty sure lucky meant he wears glasses, he can't see very well or that the computer screen hurts his eye. I couldn't think of the possibility that he was asking about one of my books even though he is blind.

So i sent him another email asking for clarification:

"Hi Lucky, thanks for your message :) i just want to know something if you don't mind. What do you mean by blind? and how can you send me messages if you can't see? thank you:)"

And here is the email Lucky replied with:

"Blind as a non-sighted person, that's what I mean.
There are some specialised softwares called screen readers which help blind people to work anything on the computer, internet etc.
It's same situation with smart phones.
Blind people can't do just a few things on the computer which are not so crucialy important for us, so, generally, I would say we can do whatever.
Ok thank you for your help about the book"

What's your excuse

So what's your excuse?
I really want you to think of the obstacles you have in your life now.

You don't have enough time?
Your boss treats you in a bad way?
You don't feel good?
You need to lose 10 pounds?
You don't have money?

Well lucky is a blind programmer and his story shows that whomever wants to do anything in the world will do it if he wanted to.(see also How to do the impossible)

If you were blind would have you ever thought about reading or using a computer?
I actually know some people who tried to learn programming then gave up because it was too hard for them. Lucky did it while he is visually impaired.

The message i am trying to deliver today is that the only disability is a false belief. Lucky isn't disabled but the ones who give up on their dreams are the ones who are truly disabled.

I know your life might not be easy but any excuse you are going to mention is going to be nothing compared to losing your eyes.

Is this a coincidence?

I know that some might think that the sophisticated instruments developed to help blind people use computers make it easy for them to do so but the hardest part isn't asking for those instruments or using them. The hardest part is in deciding that you will learn programming even though you can't see!

This is why Lucky is a hero.His story proves that an iron will can help you achieve anything in the world.

In my previous article Impossible is nothing i explained how Richie drives cars, works as a designer and rides bicycles without having hands.

The story is different but the message is the same.
True disability is in the mind not in the physical body.
What's your excuse?

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