The only real disability is a bad attitude

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are your limitations holding you back?

When was the last time you believed you can't do something?
When was the last time you thought you have limitations that can prevent you from reaching your goals?
When was the last time you believed that you don't have enough resources to reach your goals?

Well before i talk about limitations and how to overcome them you fist need to see that video of Subhreet kaur.

The only real disability is a bad attitude

The first time i saw Subhreet kaur was when my sister shared that video on my wall. After searching Google for a minute i discovered that Subhreet is a one legged performer who didn't just learn how to dance but she even applied in India Got talent and then became famous!

Now there are few very important questions you need to ask yourself now.
If you were in Subhreet's place, how would your friends have reacted if you told them that you are going to learn how to dance?

Will anybody tell you that it would be possible?
Now forget about your friends, how would have your mind responded if you said to yourself that you will learn how to dance.

Will it tell you that its possible?
Will it send you negative thoughts?

Imagine the amount of negativity that would come to your mind if you decided to challenge such a disability?

Did you get the point i am trying to explain? Disabled people aren't the ones who have lost a limb but they are the ones who formed a false belief about life that disabled them even though they have a healthy body.

The real disability

If you have been reading 2knowmyself articles for sometime then most probably you noticed that so many disabled people did extraordinary things just because they believed they could do it.

In my book From 0 to 1 million dollars i said that the real limitation that stops a person is not the lack of resources but its an incorrect belief. If you were the strongest man on earth but believed you are weak then you will never manage to do anything in life.

On the other hand if you were disabled but had a healthy belief system then certainly you would make outstanding achievements that physically healthy people won't be able to do.

Its all about the beliefs you have in your mind.

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