Why did i become psychologically weak

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What happened to me?

You were strong , emotionally resilient and powerful. But today you are not the same person anymore. You feel weak, down and you think you transformed into a totally different person.

Did that ever happen to you?
Let me begin be telling you that this is a very popular case. So many strong people , like you, go through that same exact transformation. See How your beliefs and concerns affect your perception

They start their lives with lots of strength and power then suddenly something happens along the way that changes their perception of who they are.

The first piece of good news i have for you is that you never changed. What could just have happened is a change in your beliefs and perception of the world.

If there is anything constant about life it would be change. As the circumstances surrounding us change our beliefs can change as well and thus we might end up believing that we became totally different people. See also how can i find myself again.

Failing to adapt to life problems

The most common cause for this problem is failing to adapt to new life changes. Let me give you an example. If you were the most clever student at school but as you started working you found your performance bad compared to your workmates then this problem could start to appear.

In such a case the interpretation you give to that event, the action plan that you will take and your general attitude towards what's going on will determine whether you will think you changed to the worse or weather you will go through this phase successfully. See How incorrect perception affects self confidence

Now if the first case happened and you started thinking that you changed then probably you will lose motivation to fix your life because after all you will believe that what's happening to you is normal and that it can't be avoided.

The first thing you need to do in such a case is to realize that no matter how broken you feel right now you are still that strong person you always were before and that you just need to work on adjusting your beliefs to bring your old self back.

Visit the old wounds

The process of bringing yourself back might involve some pain but in the end it will work. Your decision to face that pain is the most important step you need to take in order to revive your old self once again.

You might be wondering why this process involves pain.
The source of that pain comes from the fact that you will have to examine those wounds you formed over the years which resulted in making you think that you became weak and helpless. Why tolerance to emotional pain is essential to reaching your goals

Start analyzing those situations that led you to have the feelings you have today. Some of them might be from a distant past while some of them might have happened recently.

Next you need to find out how your belief system changed as a result of those situations. After that you need to work on fixing it again. Yes the process will be painful because you will have to face the things you were trying hard to escape from.

But the good news is that after you reach a resolution you will get your old self again.
And if you still want to avoid the pain then remind yourself that remaining like that will bring you much more pain.

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