How can i find myself again

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you feel lost?

So many people ask themselves that question everyday.
How can i find myself?

When i ask any of the people who ask that question to explain what they mean by 'finding themselves' most people fail to find the right words simply because they don't really understand what's going on.

People who want to find themselves are the ones who usually didn't know who they were. The problem isn't usually with finding themselves again but it's all about getting to understand who they are at the first place.

roughly one out of each ten people , if not less, can explain the reasons behind their emotions. The problem with emotions is that so many people get lost within them without managing to look through them.

When things go well the person ,who does't understand himself , feels good and so he doesn't believe that he is lost. When things go really bad the same person , who still doesn't understand himself, feels lost.

The main reason behind those feelings are:

All of those symptoms boil down to one problem which is lack of self understanding.

What self understanding really means

Most people claim that they perfectly understand themselves, many people claim that they can understand people very well but as soon as those people experience a bad emotion they become totally helpless.

To understand yourself means to first realize your needs and wants for many of the emotions you experience on daily basis are strongly connected to those needs.

But in order to understand those needs you will have to also understand your unconscious goals and motives. The unconscious goals are simply the goals your subconscious mind is trying to achieve in order to fulfill your important psychological needs.

But you won't be able to understand your psychological goals or needs before getting to understand your past, and your unhealed wounds. When you understand how the experiences you have been through resulted in some wounds that didn't heal yet you will be able to figure out why you are behaving in a certain way.

Everything you feel or do isn't random but it's connected to the bigger you which includes all what was describe above.

The state of feeling lost is all about seeing a snapshot in your life without really being able to connect it to the bigger picture. Once you get an understanding of those elements you will be able to connect the dots in your life and manage to understand perfectly what is going on.

The identity crisis is a reminder of an existing problem

The identity crisis , or the state of being confused about who you are, isn't an event that happens all of a sudden but it's just an event that happens as a result of living for a long period of time without knowing who you are.

When things go well you will hardly feel lost and confused but when it rains you will easily collapse and start questioning who you are.

You know how to use a computer, a smart phone and maybe a car. You managed to operate so many devices successfully because you spent some time learning about them.

How many days you spent trying to understand your own self?

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