Why tolerance to emotional pain is essential to reaching your goals

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The problem with emotional pain

Any kind of emotional pain is bad. After all any normal human would experience some kind of repulsion towards tasks that could lead to emotional pain.

A typical person for example would do his best to avoid rejection because he would know that this rejection can result in a certain amount of emotional pain. People have different levels of tolerance for emotional pain. Even the same person can have various levels of tolerance when it comes to the different kinds of emotional pain.

Now the important question you might be asking yourself is, why would a person work on developing the ability to tolerate emotional pain where as he could just avoid the thing that causes the pain.

If for example thinking about a certain thing makes a person feel bad then why would that person think about that thing?

And why not forget about the things that bothers us then focus on living the moment?
The simple answer is : sometimes life improvement can never happen before a person passes through a certain degree of emotional pain.

How lack of tolerance can ruin your life

Do you know why so many people procrastinate and never reach their goals?

Of course there are so many reasons but one of the most popular reasons for procrastination is wanting to avoid the emotional pain associated with a certain task. When a person doesn't feel like doing something , that could cause some emotional pain, then this person might end up procrastinating.

This simple behaviour can happen on a much bigger scale and result in ruining the life of the person adhering to it. A person could develop the habit of running away from his own problems, needs and dreams just because there is a certain amount of emotional pain involved with them. See how people escape from reality.

What so many people don't get is that doers aren't the one who are always feeling happy and energetic but they are simply the ones who don't mind taking some short term pain in order to achieve their long term goals.

When a person becomes unable to handle emotional pain he could even start to go in the phase of denial. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that once a person realizes that he can't handle something properly he might deny one of his own needs just to avoid that thing.

So the lack of tolerance to emotional pain can't just delay your goals but it can force you to deny the existence of your important needs and dreams.

How to solve this problem

I get so many messages from people who ask me how to avoid the emotional pain associated with certain things in life. In some cases there are ways to help the person get over that pain while in other cases the only possible way to end the pain is to go through it.

You will never achieve your long term goals without finding that you have to do some short term unpleasant tasks no matter how much you love what you do.

Also you will never learn to face life problems before you become ready to face a certain level of emotional pain. Try to avoid that pain all together and you will end up becoming a procrastinator or even a coward who denies his own dreams just for the sake of escaping some pain.

I know you are better than that.
Else you won't have be reading this.

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