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By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

A major setback

On 11th of April 2011 2knowmyself faced one of the biggest setbacks ever. I woke up in the morning to find that the site had lost more than 20% of its Google traffic overnight.

The shock was devastating because i never really understood what was wrong. After doing some research i discovered that Google has released a new algorithm that lowers the rank of low quality sites.

Discovering the reason made me feel even worse. After all i always believed that 2knowmyself had superior content and this is why being told that its a low quality site was more like an insult.

Because i was so emotionally charged i went to the Google forums and posted that question.

Obviously i asked the question in an incorrect way as i was too stressed to put the psychological states of those who will see the question into consideration. I asked how come a website that made me a millionaire (means thousands of people trusted it and bought products from it) becomes marked as a low quality site. Lets see the answers i got back then.

How irrational criticism can be

StevieD_Web a Google user who claims to be an Seo expert and who also has a badge that shows that he is a top contributor on Google forums said:

"Darn, I need to call Matt Cutts at home and have him start working overtime to correct the situation. I am sure with the right tweak of the algo we can get that % up to around 100%."

In other words, the guy meant that 20% drop was not fair and that my site should have dropped 100%.

Someone called Seo101 who also acts like he is an Seo expert said that the site is full of spam and that he read some of the articles and found them totally useless.

Another user called Lysis made fun of my comments more than once (you can see it all in the thread).

How i felt back then

You can imagine how i felt back then. Instead of getting help i found people putting me down and confirming that my site deserved what happened to it.

Deep inside me i knew that those people were wrong but i had nothing to prove it back then. So i decided to write down their names, save the thread and come back one day and show them , and the world, that they were stupid in order to inspire everyone who is being put down by others.

I forgot all about those people and returned back to my normal life. I had one thing in mind. Google was wrong and their algorithm isn't accurate that it can't really detect quality websites correctly.

2 month later Google released and update to its algorithm and i got back the 20% of traffic i lost and i discovered back then that i was right. Few month later another update was released and 2knowmyself traffic doubled overnight. Then few weeks later another update that pushed 2knowmyself up again was released.

By September 2012 2knowmyself traffic had quadrupled (four fold increase) because of Google's algorithm!

Back to those who put me down

Obviously the numbers and the facts have shown that those who claimed to be SEO experts knew nothing. Their comments back then and the site's ranks now together make the biggest joke they have ever made of themselves in their lives.

Many people who claim to be experts and put you down actually have nothing but an inflated Ego. What really happened is that my question, which pointed out that i was a millionaire, triggered the jealousy of those people.

This was very obvious from their comments:

Seo101 Said: You made incredibly arrogant claims
(Real meaning: you said you achieved a lot, i didn't and this made me feel unworthy)

StevieD_Web said: Sure, sure. I will believe that when I can see your bank account and tax statements to back up the claim.
(Real meaning: i can never believe you made such an achievement because if you did id be a worthless person so this can't be true)

Obviously jealousy, inflated egos and the fact that those people didn't want to believe that a younger person could be more successful than them (by far) forced them to become bullies and to reply with the worst comments ever.

In other words, denial can sometimes force people to criticize you. Those who are mentally unstable never want to see anyone becoming better than them and as a result they chose to deny his achievements. (see also my book How i did it)

So How to deal with Rejection?

The next time someone tells you that you can't do something just remember those people, Steve, seo101, Lysis and whomever commented on that thread in a bad way.

An inflated ago, a feeling that a person has achieved nothing significant in his life and jealousy can motivate a lot of people to put you down even if you were right. (see also Why a jealous friend might find you unattractive )

For those people a big part of their self esteem came from the badges they had as top contributors in the forums. Now once someone appears more brilliant than them they will certainly feel like their egos were threatened and so they will put him down.

The funny thing is that all of them were not just proven wrong but in fact they might now need to research 2knowmyself to understand why a site they labeled as spam had quadrupled in traffic in less than one year.

Most of those who put you down know nothing even if they claimed they were experts. Keep moving, you are doing it right.

Finally i would really like to thank Mraccardi, one of the sane people who commented in a good way on the thread back then. Mraccardi is certainly a sane person who is not controlled by his emotions nor he is a prey to mental instability. Thank you mraccardi :)

2knowmyself is not a complicated medical website nor a boring online encyclopedia but rather a place where you will find simple, to the point and effective information that is backed by psychology and presented in a simple way that you can understand and apply. If you think that this is some kind of marketing hype then see what other visitors say about 2knowmyself.

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