Why do all bad things happen together

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do all bad things happen together

Ever wondered why do all bad things happen at the same time?
Why do all problems suddenly emerge together right after the first one appears?
Is there a connection between bad moods and attracting problems?

Yes, there is a strong connection between bad feelings and attracting problems. The answer to all of these questions is simple, we don’t attract problems when we feel bad but we just start seeing other problems that were already there when we feel bad.

Feeling bad and negative thinking

When a big problem happens most of us start to think negatively. These negative thoughts force us to think of more problems and to scan for any other bad things that are happening in our lives.

This is where we start noticing very little problems that we didn’t notice before like the few pounds that we gained lately, the small fight we had with a friend or the car that needs to be fixed.

Even though these small problems were already there we weren’t giving them much weight because our mood was positive but as soon as our mood shifted from the positive state to the negative state all of these problems emerged all of a sudden and made us feel even worse.

How to prevent problem from accumulating that way?

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how depression can be nothing more than the result of the accumulation of lots of unsolved problems.

If you kept ignoring your problems and putting them behind your back you may end up depressed and even if they were small problems they will suddenly emerge all together when you feel bad and appear ten times bigger.

Of course you should try to push away the negative thinking when you feel bad but how can you kill negative thoughts that are based on true unsolved problems?

When you face a problem that affects your mood do your best to think positively but before you even take this step make sure that you don’t have lots of accumulated problems left without solutions even if they were small ones because they will all emerge together as soon as the big one happens.

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