Why do exes avoid each other

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do exes avoid each other

Right after a relationship couples usually avoid each other. It's not uncommon for a person to avoid going to a certain place not to see his Ex. But the question is, is that correct?

Well it depends greatly on the relationship itself and how it was terminated (See Why closing a relationship the right way is very important for recovery).

So why do people avoid each other after breakups?
Here are some possible reasons

  • 1) To help themselves recover faster: According to one school, which i don't always agree with, staying away from each other after a breakup can help a person recover faster (See also Why your Ex wants to be friends).
  • 2) They are afraid of a relapse: Many people avoid each other after breakups because they fear that saying each other might result in a relapse. It's very common for people who work together to avoid going to work after a breakup (See also getting over someone you work with).
  • 3) They haven't fully recovered: Even after some time passes some people fail to recover completely and as a result those people usually avoid their Exes (See This is why you never recovered from that breakup).

Should Exes avoid each other?

In the initial phase it's very important that Exes avoid each other since they are usually still very vulnerable to relapses. And by saying the initial phase am talking about the first 15 to 30 days.

Now there is one common mistake that most people do after a breakup and that delays their recovery. People don't just avoid their Exes but they avoid the places they used to go to together and this is wrong.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i explained how it's very important that you get exposed to everything that remind you of your Ex right after a breakup.

When you get exposed to those things your mind will remember your Ex and this will give you a powerful chance to tell your mind that this is over. As you keep getting exposed to those things while telling your mind that it's over your mind will understand the message and the association between your Ex and those places will get broken.

Do you know why we get bored of songs?
It's because we keep listening to them while experiencing different moods until the association between the song and the good mood breaks. The same exact thing can be done to breakups (See also why we get bored of songs).

In case you work with your Ex

In case you work with your Ex you need to stay away for sometime until you believe your mind now thinks it's over and then you can go back to work normally.

Had you done the first few steps correctly seeing your Ex again won't result in a relapse but it will result in the confirmation of your beliefs that the relationship is over for good.

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