Why do i feel awkward when i walk or talk

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

It's all about Anxiety

Why do you sometimes feel awkward while walking?
Why do you sometimes feel awkward when being around people?
When do you sometimes believe you are acting in a clumsy way?

This feeling of Awkwardness is nothing but an elevated level of anxiety. Why do you think you don't get that feeling when you are home alone?

Simply it's because at home you know that you aren't being watched and as a result you have nothing to worry about. In other words it's the anxiety you feel around people that makes you feel awkward.

But why does this happen?
Anxiety can make a person feel self conscious, or overly aware of his actions, and as a result a person might feel awkward. When you don't feel anxious you probably don't focus on the way you speak or the way you walk but when you become anxious your mind becomes laser focused on your actions in order to avoid doing anything wrong.

Because your mind monitors normal actions that should happen naturally your feelings of awkwardness increase and you might even end up doing something awkward.

What causes anxiety

Many people get anxiety wrong. They believe that anxiety is a problem that must be treated directly and this is wrong. In such a case anxiety isn't the problem but it's just a symptom of the real problem.

If for example you believe you don't have good social skills then your subconscious mind might make you feel anxious around people because it is afraid that you mess things up. Now this kind of anxiety is the one that causes the feelings of awkwardness.

Here is another example. If you don't like your body shape then you might feel anxious around people because you are afraid that they judge you. In other words you will find yourself feeling awkward because on the unconscious level you are afraid that you might get judged by your looks.

So to sum things up we can say that you might feel awkward around people in two major cases. The first is believing that you might do something wrong while the second is believing that there is something wrong with you.

How to deal with such a feeling?

This is not going to sound traditional but it will work.
If your subconscious mind believes that you don't have proper social skills then there is no way on earth to remove anxiety but to develop those social skills then use them few times successfully to prove to your mind that it's having irrational fears.

Also if you believe that you are overweight, and if your subconscious mind believes that this is a bad thing, then there is no way on earth you can stop feeling anxious but losing weight.

This might sound superficial but in fact your subconscious mind is the one that defines the rules. If you do care about being fit then not being fit will affect your self esteem. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that being confident is all about being worthy according to your own rules which are set by your subconscious mind.

In short change the things your subconscious mind doesn't like about you and you won't feel awkward again.

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