Why do i only attract married men

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do i only attract married men

Sarah , not her real name, has a problem with relationships. She wonders why she always attracts married men or falls in love with married ones. What makes Sarah's problems more complex is that she has ethics. She knows that it's a bad thing to date married men and this is why she always suffers.

Sarah always has fights in her head about whether to go for the married man and let go of her ethics or whether to stick to her ethics and stay single.

The one thing Sarah didn't realize yet is that this was happening for a reason and that it isn't a random event.

Why is this happening to Sarah

When Sarah was young her parents divorced after having serious fights. Sarah's subconscious mind got scared of marriage that it decided that it will prevent her from getting married.

In my previous article about Subconscious Goals i explained how your subconscious mind can have totally different goals than your conscious mind.

Ever tried to quit smoking , for example, then failed even though you are consciously convinced that smoking is bad?

This simply happens because your subconscious mind , which is more powerful, has a different agenda than your conscious mind.

Now back to Sarah. Her subconscious mind didn't want her to suffer because of marriage and so it always forced her to get attracted to married men. In other words Sarah's subconscious mind had one goal which is preventing her from getting married.

But why do those men get attracted to Sarah?

You might have asked yourself that question. If that theory is correct then why do married men sometimes seek Sarah and not the opposite?

Simply because Sarah's unconscious mind only sends positive signals to those men in order to attract them. In other words Sarah was unconsciously making married men feeling more comfortable ,through the signals she was sending, and that's why they felt comfortable approaching her.

If you are not a commitment phobic but this still happenes to you then simply it might mean that it happened by chance. But if the same exact situation kept happening over and over then it's not luck this time but probably your subconscious mind trying to reach a very important goal.

The impossible relationship

Many people go for the impossible relationship because deep inside they want to avoid relationships altogether. A woman could fall in love with a man who is 20 years older than her for the same reason. Not that i am against that at all but the problem here is with the purpose not the action itself (See can a woman date a younger man).

Have you ever seen an ordinary person who fell in love with a celebrity and who decided that he will never get married to someone else but that celebrity?

In many cases that person is just trying to runaway from marriage and the reason his mind presents things this way is that it knows that he won't be able to confront that fact.

I have said in many of my articles about self deception that when our subconscious minds find that we are not brave enough to face a certain thing it comes up with a certain plan to help us escape.

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