Can a woman date a younger man

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are you dating a younger man?

If you are dating a younger man then most probably you have been told by someone that the realtionship won't work.
The reason many people believe that a woman shouldn't date a younger man is that it's not a common thing.

In addition to this because women age faster than men many people believe that it's better for a woman to marry an older man. But does these facts , even if they were correct, lead to the failure of the relationship between a man and an older women?

The answer is no. According to psychology a woman can get into a relationship with a younger man and live a happy life but for this to happen certain conditions must be met.

What's the intention behind the relationship?

People get into relationships to satisfy some of their most important psychological needs. I know romance fans might not like that but this is how love works from a scientific point of view (See also why love is not like in the movies?).

In order for a relationship to work between a woman and a younger man the psychological needs of the man and the woman must be long term ones. Let's suppose that a man never got the affection he wanted from his mother and as a result always felt like being with older women.

In such a case that man will always have a subconscious desire to be with an older woman in order to fulfill one of his basic needs, which is the need of affection. Note here that the woman could just be 2 or 3 years older but still satisfy the man's need on the unconscious level (See also why you should meet the parents before dating someone).

In such a case, provided that the woman has a similar long term unconscious goal as well, then the relationship is likely to work. Now what if the same man had a different unconscious goal?

What if the man just wanted to be with an older woman in order to prove to himself that he can attract women of all ages? Or what if the woman's goal was proving to herself that she is still attractive and that she can still attract younger men?

In such a case those intentions , even if they were unconscious, can ruin the relationship later on.

Short term vs long term unconscious goals

In my previous article Does getting butterflies mean you're in love i explained how it's very important that couples understand their own unconscious motives so that they can make the right choices.

When a person understands his unconscious motives in addition to his partner's motives he will be able to make the right choice and to avoid the wrong relationships (See why you always choose the wrong person).

Because very few people educate themselves about the psychology of love they tend to make wrong emotionally-driven choices. Fortunately 2knowmyself was developed to serve the purpose of educating people about psychology. You will find here all the resources you need to get to understand your unconscious goals perefecly.

Yes a relationship can work between a woman and a younger man provided that the long term unconscious goals of both match.

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