Reasons we get sick

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Reasons we get sick

Have you ever asked yourself why do you sometimes catch a cold without doing any unhealthy activity while at other times you don’t catch a cold even though you did things that could bring colds?

Ever noticed the times where you become sick?
If you did that then most probably you will find that you usually get sick after experiencing some sort of emotional disturbance. For example you might get sick right after experiencing disappointment or right after feeling guilty.

In this article i will tell you about the reasons that can make you sick so that you can avoid them and live a better life.

Your Emotions Affect Your Immune System

Research has shown that happiness and happy thoughts have a positive effect on the immune system while sadness and sad thoughts have exactly the opposite effect!!

The cold you caught may be nothing more than your body’s way of expressing its feelings of guilt; the stomach ache you have is probably nothing more than your accumulated sadness and disappointment!!

In many cases we get sick just because we are not happy or just because our bodies want to express their suppressed emotions. Some people think that escaping from their problems or keeping themselves busy will help them feel better but the truth is that this method always works against them.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how ignoring your problems or suppressing them can result in physical illness in addition to severe depression.

Some People Unconsciously Commit Suicide

Sam was walking down the street when his feet suddenly slipped off the pavement and he was hit by a car which killed him almost instantly. Everyone considered this an accident while in fact Sam has been severely depressed for the past two weeks and was wishing to die. Sam’s unconscious mind made the wish come true by allowing his leg to slip off the pavement.

Say NO

Do you know that some of the acne on your face may be the result of stress?
Do you know that your face muscles change their shape to the worse the more you feel sad?
You are changing your looks, making yourself ill and may even be killing yourself by these negative feelings you're experiencing!!

Say NO to sadness, say no to destroying your cells and say no to killing yourself! I know that sometimes it cannot be helped but in many cases you can control your emotions. In many cases you can challenge them instead of just feeling defeated. Say no to illness by mastering your emotions and not allowing life problems to destroy your cells or change the way you look!!

The moral of this article lies in these few words:

Say no, you won’t make me ill, I will block your way!
Say no, you won’t change my looks, my smile will stay!
Say no, if the roads are blocked, I will run to pray!
Say no, I can’t just die, I won’t be a prey!

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