How to get over a cold fast

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to get over a Cold fast

Catching a cold can give you a hard time, you may find yourself forced to delay some important work or you may find yourself canceling your weekend plans. Even if you don't have important plans still having a cold can be intolerable especially if you are an extrovert.

What I always try to offer in is the unconventional way of doing something instead of the methods that are known to everybody.

In this article I will give you some tips that can help you in getting over a cold fast.

Tips for getting over a Cold Fast

Your Mood : do you know that one of the very important factors affecting your immune system is your mood? Medication and food can help but a good mood will definitely have a better effect than both of these factors when combined.

I know that your mood may not be 100% under your control but at least while you are having a cold you could avoid tasks that make you feel bad and focus on the things that make you feel happy. After all, we don’t get tired because of hard work but rather because of the unpleasant emotions we experience while working. (see feeling tired all the time for more information)

Stress may be good!! : stress is a real bad thing but a research pointed out that small amount of stress could be good for boosting your immune system. Stress should be a controlled and kept at a low level. The best thing you can do to get this type of stress is to watch a good action movie this will raise your stress levels a bit but in the same time it won’t raise it beyond the dangerous threshold.

Exercising : if it’s a mild cold and if you can exercise then this would be better for your immune system but if the cold is severe then its better to stay at bed.

Food : Honey, milk, oranges, lemon, green tea, spicy food & protein rich foods can be very good for getting over a cold. Even if you don’t feel like eating or even if food has no taste still it can be of a great benefit to your immune system.

Water : drink as much water as you can and you will recover faster. If you don’t want to drink large amounts of water you can drink orange and lemon juice instead. Soups are great too, especially chicken soups.

Sleeping & the immune system : If you stayed up until a late time you could affect your immune system badly. Nothing can give a boost to your immune system better than a good sleep. Even if you hate going to bed early just do it when you have a cold and this will help you get over the cold faster.

why did I catch a cold?

In the majority of cases we catch colds because of changes in our mood rather than changes in the weather!! I know that weather changes and germs can bring colds but these things are always present everywhere, they just need a catalyst in order to harm you and this catalyst could be guilt, sadness, depression or any other bad emotion.

Just as its important to take care of your health, it’s important to take care of your mood. (see why do we get sick)

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