Effects of suppressing your emotions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Effects of suppressing emotions

Lots of people try to suppress their emotions thinking that by doing so they have solved their problems. Incorrect common practices such as keep yourself busy after a breakup or drink in order to forget about your problems are among the biggest causes for bad moods.

Suppressed emotions must leak out somehow even if you thought that you got rid of them. The father who returns home after having a fight with his boss at work will usually start shouting at his kids. At work the father suppressed his emotions without understanding that they will leak out sooner or later.

In such a case the father suppressed his anger and then chose the first victim he came across (his kids) to get rid of his suppressed emotions.

Suppressed emotions and dreams

One of the effects of suppressing emotions are the nightmares people get.
Suppressed emotions could leak out through dreams.

You may even get a recurring dream just because of a suppressed emotion that you are trying to hide. The good news i have for you if you get bad dreams because of Suppressed emotions is that as soon as you find a way to vent these emotions your bad dreams will disappear.

Sometimes the bad dreams we get are noting more than a signal our minds send us in order to motivate us to examine our Suppressed emotions.

Suppressed emotions can turn into depression

One of the bad effects of suppressing emotions is that they can lead to depression.

If your emotions weren’t allowed to leak out somehow they may turn into depression. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can be the result of emotions that are suppressed instead of being vented properly. Whenever you feel bad try to do anything to release your bad emotions instead of suppressing them not to end up depressed.

Suppressed thoughts return back

Many studies have shown that the more a person tries to suppress a certain thought the stronger will this thought come back.

That's why we tend to become obsessed with the things that we can't get and that's why we think more often about what's forbidden.

If you want to get rid of a thought then handle it properly by replacing it with another positive one instead of suppressing it.

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