Why so many believers don't think that God will help them

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Religion and psychology

2knowmysef is not a religious site but it's a site that explains everything in the light of psychology. And because religion is one of the very famous topics i can't leave my duty to write about the psychology of religion.

Yes i know this article might not be written for everyone because there are people out there who believe that religion is nonsense but i still strongly recommend that you read it even if you were one of those people because it will give you some insight about the way religious beliefs are developed.

I believe in God but i won't get help

Why Did God leave me?
Why is this happening to me?
I prayed a lot but nothing happened

A believer is a person who believes in the existence of a creator and who also believe that the creator will help him achieve his important goals in life. And even though some of those believers seem to have strong faith it won't take you minutes before you realize through their words that they don't think that God will help them.

This seems very contradictory. After all how can someone believe in God, knows that God helps people then believe that he won't get any help?

This is the phenomenon i am going to discuss at this article. I call it loss of faith on the subconscious level.

When your subconscious mind refuses your religious beliefs

Sarah always believed in God since she was a little child. When she turned 25 she realized that many of her life goals weren't realized yet. She prayed and prayed , asked God for help but she was always felt down and indifferent when she thought about the future.

In my previous article about indifference i explained that it only happens when you lose faith in your plans and if praying was a part of those plans then you don't need a lot of intelligence to realize there is a problem with your faith.

Sarah believed in God but in the same time didn't believe that she will get help.
Of course when you ask her about her beliefs she will quickly state that God helps people but because her subconscious mind can't fully accept that belief she felt indifferent and down.

Had she really believed that this will happen she would have never felt down.

When your subconscious mind loses faith

In order to understand what's going on in Sarah's mind we need to go back 7 years to a dark corner in her memory that she totally forgot about. When Sarah was 18 she had a very important goal that she really wanted to achieve. She had solid Faith in God back then and so she was sure that God will help her. But because God only responds in the right time and when the things you ask for are really good for you help never came.

Since that day something happened to Sarah's beliefs. Even though she never really noticed what was going on her subconscious mind was silently questioning her beliefs and refusing them. Sarah didn't lose faith but her subconscious mind lost it.

Sarah totally forgot about this incident but her subconscious mind was still angry at God and this is why she had conflicting beliefs. A part of her believed that God helps people and another part was angry at God since 7 years because she thought that he didn't help her.

Are you angry at God?

Is there an issue in your past that made you angry at God?
be careful, you might not be even aware of the issue before you recall some of the past memories you were doing your best to forget about. You need to look at the dark corners of your mind and see if a past event ruined your faith without you notice.

Once you find out that old past situation that resulted in your unconscious loss of faith you should accept it. The word acceptance here doesn't mean blind acceptance but you have to seek answers and talk to the right people until you discover why you didn't get help at that point of your life and until you become 100% convinced that you weren't abandoned.

Once you discover that God actually did the best for you this unconscious anger will disappear and you will have true faith.

What if i don't believe in God?

The readers of 2knowmyself come from diverse backgrounds and I do respect your beliefs. But there is one thing you should know. A percentage of atheists , and not all, have turned atheists because of similar past wounds.

Some of them have really begged for good things to happen to them but the opposite only happened and with the lack of proper knowledge it made a lot of sense to them that since they never got help then therefore there is no God.

If you are an atheist for another reason then this section isn't addressing you but if you became an atheist right after a similar event then you might need to revisit your past.

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