Why some women always have doubts that their men doesn't love them

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

He doesn't love me

Why do some women always have doubts about being loved?
Why some women always have doubts about the intentions of their men even though no warning signs have showed up?

So many women keep trying to find any clue to prove to themselves that they aren't really loved by their husbands even if those clues were very trivial. In a previous article i said that some women don't feel secure enough unless their men keep calling them often even while they are at work.

It's not uncommon to hear a woman say that her man doesn't love her because he goes to work from 8 to 5 and never calls during that period.

Of course such thoughts only happen when a woman has doubts that her man loves her. In such a case the woman doesn't care about the call as much as she cares about being reassured that she is still being loved.

So why do some women doubt the intentions of their men?

Why some women feel insecure

Each individual usually has his own unique story but there are popular reasons that make a large number of women doubt the intentions of their men even if they have done nothing wrong. The first and the most popular reason are the problems that happen with the father figure earlier in life.

If the father of a woman wasn't that available and if he didn't provide her with enough affection then she might conclude , on the unconscious level, that she is not worthy of being loved. Now when that woman gets married her old wound will force her to doubt the intentions of her man. See also why we get attracted to people who resemble our parents.

Anything that this man does can be interpreted by the woman as a sign of not caring about her much. Not calling often, working for extended periods of time or even not saying 'i love you' often can make that woman think that her man doesn't love her.

This problem can also happen if the woman believed that her sisters got better treatment than her by her father. In such a case this woman will always be afraid of replacement because she won't want the past to repeat itself.

This women might feel jealous of other woman and will always have doubts that her man wants to leave her for another woman. See how old wounds affect your life.

Examine the old wound

Of course there are more events that can lead to that same problem but in all cases there is one thing in common: A wound that happened in the past that resulted in feelings of insecurity.

If you always have doubts about your man's intentions then you need to look bravely at your past to find out whether any old wound have left a mark. If you found yourself doing irrational things just to find out whether your man loves you or not then know that you might just be acting based on an old wound that never healed.

In such a case working on collecting proofs will never help as long as the wound is still there. The only way to end this problem for good is to examine the old wound and heal it.

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