Why not having time for you doesn't mean he doesn't love you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

He doesn't have time for me

This phrase sounds familiar, right?
I have personally heard it so many times from women who complained about their partners. It's not uncommon for a woman to complain about the availability of her man and to claim that he doesn't have time for her.

But in such a case, who is the one we should blame?
Is it always the man?
Well in many cases the problem can be with the woman herself not her man.

First of all, if the man is unavailable because he is doing unimportant activities such as having fun with friends or Watching TV then the complaining woman is right and that man must change his behaviour if he cares about keeping the relationship healthy.

But what about women keep calling their men during their work time?
What about women who keep complaining while their men are working or doing something very important?

Do you really love me?

From what i have seen i can confidently tell that in most cases women complain about that point when they are not 100% sure that a man loves them. In such a case those women don't really care about the activities their men are doing as much as they care about knowing whether they are loved or not. See the need to be loved.

Some women feel insecure that they doubt their husbands' love all the time. Those women always look for any warning sign that can help them prove their fears true. When a woman finds that her man works for 10 hours a day she quickly assumes that this man doesn't love because according to her logic if he did he would have found more time for her even during work time.

The problem with this irrational way of thinking is that it goes against any kind of logic. Had that man left his job and became jobless just to stay beside his woman she will shortly urge him to find a job to pay the bills.

I was once talking to a woman about that matter and told her that a man's urgent work is the number 1 priority. She then got angry and told me that she should be the number 1 priority. I told her that sometimes some work problems force men to get things done right away else they will lose their jobs or source of income but that women didn't like what i said.

She just refused to see a big part of reality and only focused on finding proofs that her man didn't love her because she didn't feel very secure. See also how your attachment style affect your relationships.

It's not a sign of love

What if a man had to finish his work first then call later?
Why is calling during the times where he can't call considered a sign of love?
And does it sound rational that a man loses his job or ruins his business just to prove that he loves his woman?

There are so many signs that can show whether a man loves a woman or not but certainly leaving his work and spending 30 minutes on the phone isn't one of the positive signs. Any rational man will know that urgent matters must be handled first. If you complain that your man doesn't call you while working or doing something very important then you need to ask yourself how secure do you feel in this relationship?

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