Why do some women believe everything men say

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Believing a liar

Why do some women believe everything men say?
Why do some women keep believing the men who keep playing them?
Why do some women keep believing the ones who keep treating them badly?

I have personally seen some cases where a man kept making promises to a woman then doing the opposite and yet she always believed what he said. Some of those men were players, others were cheaters while others had no intention whatsoever to get into a serious relationship yet their women kept believing them.

Many of those women were very intelligent and didn't lack any kind of skills or mental abilities to tell the difference between a serious person and a liar yet all of them fell for the tricks of those men.

For the first instance this might sound confusing but when you dig deeper inside the minds of those women things become clearer. Let's examine one of those cases and find out why this was happening.

Why do some women believe everything men say

Sarah, not a real name, believed she was getting old even though she was still young. Sarah wanted to settle down and have kids before it's too late. Sarah's last few relationships have failed and so she became desperate to get into a relationship.

Sarah fell for a man who was obviously a player who didn't have any intentions to have a serious relationship. This kind of desperation blinded her and prevented her from seeing some of the warning signs in that relationship.

When a person gets too emotional he can easily miss many of the clear logical facts. Sarah believed that man's words because she needed to believe in them.

While arguing with her i kept reminding her of the fact that she caught that man cheating many times yet her reply was 'but he told me he loves me'.

Sarah ignored all the facts and got attached to a statement that man said because she desperately needed to believe in it.

Believing what makes no sense

I have said earlier that people can have false beliefs because they help them remain psychologically stable. A typical person can believe in a promise or the words of another , even if it was obvious that the other person is lying, just because that person needs to believe in those words.

A man can cheat on a woman then tell her that he can never cheat on her because he loves her and she might still believe him even though she has evidence to prove that he is cheating.

When we become emotionally in need of believing in something we can become blinded of so many of the logical facts surrounding a matter. This has nothing to do with being smart or brilliant but it's all about thinking in a wrong way because we have been blinded by emotions.

The reason women do so more than men is that men are usually logical thinkers who don't give much high weight to emotions.

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