Why do men play mind games

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The problem with being direct

Why do some men play mind games?
Why aren't men direct?

First of all let me make it clear that i am not going to talk about players in this article for i covered their behaviour thoroughly in my previous articles why are some people players and why are men players.

Players of course do play mind games because in the end they want to attract as many women to them as possible. but why would a man who has good intentions play mind games?

The simple answer is : That man believes that being direct won't work.
In many cases being direct and open can bring negative results. Just imagine what would happen if a man saw a woman in the street then went and told her right away that he likes her.

For a woman this will sound certainly ridiculous because she knows that love takes time to develop, at least according to a woman's brain, but for a man sometimes all what's needed is seeing a pretty woman. See do men only care about looks.

In other words the lack of proper understanding of the way men think can make them sound ridiculous to women and this is why many of them compensate by being indirect and playing mind games.

Why approaching a woman right away can cause problems

Not all women hate the direct approach but many of them have certain beliefs about love that makes those direct attempts seem uninteresting.

For example most women don't like needy men and instead they prefer confident and independent ones. Now the problem here is that most women believe that a man who approaches them directly is needy. As a result men don't show direct interest and instead they try to play mind games to attract women.

Women also like mysterious men, at least in the early stages of a relationship, and as a result men who show their intentions directly seem less mysterious and even boring to many women. Again those men try to counter those beliefs by not being clear about their intentions.

Finally most people, including women, believe that what's unavailable is more attractive than what's available. In other words when a man shows that he is interested right away he instantly seems less attractive to women.

Is that right?

So is that a way to create healthy relationships?
Personally i believe that the whole system is not right.

There is nothing better than a man who is direct, clear and to the point but in order for a change to happen both men and women must change their attitudes towards each other. Men should stop playing mind games and be much more direct while women must stop believing that the direct man is desperate , needy or less attractive.

As for the men who have bad intentions they will be easily singled out when other men start being direct and to the point. The problem right now is that the bad ones can't really be distinguished from the good ones for almost all of them play the same mind games.

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