Why do some people confuse guilt for love

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

A love story

Rick loved Jane so much that they got married. He sometimes got some confusing thoughts about his emotions to her but generally he managed to push those thoughts away quickly. Few month after marriage something strange started to happen.

Rick started realizing that there are so many things that he doesn't like about Jane. He went into a state of denial because he didn't want to end a relationship that just started and that was based on love. See also why love is not like in the movies.

For months Rick tried to understand what went wrong with his emotions and why he lost affection for Jane but he couldn't find an explanation. Under the pressure of feeling extremely dissatisfied with the relationship Rick decided to end the relationship and breakup.

Even after the breakup ended rick was still clueless and confused. See 7 questions to ask yourself before breaking up.
What could have happened here?

Confusing guilt with love

What is love?
It's a pleasant emotion we get when we are near someone we love. Sounds pretty logical, right?
But do you know that other emotions can be confused with love?

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how going through an exciting experience with a person can make that person confuse the excitement , which has nothing to do with you, with love. In other words this person might think that they love you just because they experience certain emotions in your presence.

Do you know that one of the most commonly confused emotions with love is guilt?
If you felt guilty because you treated someone badly or if someone forced you to pity them then you might confuse guilt with love and believe that you love that person.

This is exactly what happened to Rick. He met Jane when she was going through a very bad period of her life. She kept telling him about the Drama in her life that indirectly made him believe that he is responsible for her.

Rick felt so guilty about not helping her and so he slowly started confusing guilt for love.
After some time Rick believed that he loved Jane while in fact he was just feeling guilty.
The relationship started then after they got married the feelings of guilt disappeared and Rick realized he made a serious mistake. See also why we lose interest in the people we used to like.

If you didn't read about psychology you are at serious risk

Is someone trying to make you feel guilty?
Is someone trying to make you feel responsible for them?
While you should be kind to people you still have to realize that unless you are very aware of what's going on inside your mind you might end up getting attached to that person you are helping.

Yes be kind to people but don't allow a person to make you feel guilty or responsible for them if you really shouldn't be responsible.

So many relationships fail because people don't educate themselves about the psychology of love. Rick's story is just one of the millions of love stories that end everyday just because of the lack of real understanding of love and the emotions associated with it.

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