Why are some women drama queens

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is a Drama queen

Many men complain about being with women who turn everything into a problem and who tend to turn everything into drama. By filtering out the men who incorrectly judged their women and by filtering out the ones who don't know how to communicate properly we would still have some women who seem to turn every small problem into a serious event.

Why would some women do so?
The shortest answer to this question is that the lack of understanding of those women is the reason they are called Drama queens.

People call the ones they don't really understand Crazy. Humans have a deep desire to seek knowledge and to unfold mysteries. When a man finds his woman exaggerating problems all the time he finds no other explanation but to call her a Drama queen.

But does this really mean that the woman is a Drama queen or that she is Crazy?
Apparently not.

A Drama Queen is a wounded woman

How do you react when you get criticized?
Here is the answer: If the critical comment didn't touch any of your old wounds then you might not even pay attention to it but if the comment touched one of your wounds then certainly you will feel really bad about it.

If you don't consider yourself a successful person then the word loser might have a very big impact on you. On the other hand if you believe you are very successful then a word like loser or failure might not affect you at all.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the critical comments that affect us the most are the ones that touch our wounds.

So what does this has to do with Drama Queens?

Drama queens are women who have certain wounds , usually resulting from childhood, that make them very sensitive to certain comments and situations. See why your world revolves around your psychological wounds

How a woman's childhood can make her a drama queen

In so many cases the father figure is the one who turns his daughter into a drama queen. If ,for example, the father didn't show much affection for his daughter then she might grow up with a wound because of feeling unloved.

Now because that woman is wounded she will laser focus on very small events that remind her of her wound even if those events seemed very insignificant. This woman can have a serious fight with her man if he called her 2 hours later or if he didn't call just because this makes her feel unloved.

When the man does any action that unconsciously reminds that woman of her old wounds she might become furious or negative without realizing that she is still being affected by her past. When that happens the man will usually fail to understand the woman's reaction and he will just call her a drama queen. See how your past affects you.

Gaining more understanding is the soloution

If you want to be on good terms with your woman then you need to dig through her past to understand exactly why she is acting in a certain way.

There are no crazy people out there but there are ones we don't really understand and that's why we call them crazy.

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