Tips for Dating a sensitive person

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are you dating a sensitive person

Are you dating a sensitive partner?
Does everything you say seem to hurt your partner?
Did you have so many fights over some words that seemed to be totally harmless?

If that's the case then probably you are dealing with a sensitive person. Before you know what to do here is an article that can help you find out if your partner is sensitive or not in seconds.

Overly sensitive people are usually not correctly understood by others. Some people think they overreact to things or that they focus too much on things but this is wrong. Over sensitive people are usually wounded people who have deep wounds that didn't heal. If any person came near that wound then the over sensitive person will react emotionally.

A famous example is the woman who didn't get much affection from her father. Usually such a woman grows up into an insecure female who doubts the love of her male partner (See how your relationship with your parents affects you).

If the male partner did anything wrong , even if it was too small, then this woman will remember her wound (on the unconscious level of course) and she won't feel loved.

Tips for Dating a sensitive person

What makes matters harder is that an over sensitive person doesn't just feel bad when someone comes near his wounds but he also feels bad when he believes that someone is trying to come near his wounds. In other words the perception of an overly sensitive person of an event can totally change the way he sees the event and this is why some people fail to understand overly sensitive ones.

So how can you deal with an over sensitive partner?
The best way to do so is to try to understand that person's background perfectly so that you can get a better understanding of his wounds. Next you need to gently point out those facts to the sensitive person.

Once a sensitive person realizes that he is overreacting because of his wounds his behaviour might actually change. Of course the process isn't short nor easy but it's doable and it works.

Pay attention to your words

Paying attention to the words you say is also very important in dealing with a sensitive person. You need to always keep in mind the fact that the overly sensitive person has his radar on all the time and that he is eagerly scanning his environment for any signs that remind him of his past wound.

When dealing with an overly sensitive partner you can't just talk in the same normal way you talk with others because so many of your words might be interpreted in a totally different way even if you meant nothing bad (See also How your beliefs and concerns affect your perception).

Your goal shouldn't just be avoiding the wounds of your overly sensitive partner but you must actively work with them until they get over those wounds so that their reactions become normal again. Contrary to common beliefs over sensitivity can be dealt with.

When a person learns how to see the world from the correct angle and when he becomes conscious of his old wounds that they no longer interfere with his present he won't become that sensitive anymore.

Yes you should help your overly sensitive partner feel good by avoiding their wounds but you must also work on a long term plan so that this sensitivity doesn't last long.

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