understanding highly sensitive people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How it is like to be a sensitive person

All human beings are sensitive to a certain extent but some people seem to get more affected by life's events.

A single comment that wasn't intended to harm anyone could send the highly sensitive person sleepless for nights. The highly sensitive person processes information in a different way than all other people. While a normal person would simply not dig behind simple words the highly sensitive person would go on analyzing the words he heard hundreds of times.

Because highly sensitive people are everywhere its extremely important to understand them well so that you can get along with them without hurting them.

understanding highly sensitive people

Here are few things that well help you understand how the minds of highly sensitive people work:

  • Their nervous system gets easily overwhelmed: Do you remember the last bad experience you have been through? Did someone embarrass you in public? was it a heavy work load day? Did you get stressed because you were thinking about a problem? for a highly sensitive person these situations aren't considered normal ups or downs of life but they can be serious turning points in their lives


    Because the Nervous system of a highly sensitive person easily gets overwhelmed he tends to remember bad experiences more than other people and he sometimes does his best to avoid repeating them. (see also Extreme sensitivity to criticism)

    Bad weather conditions, events that are too emotionally arousing and loud noise tend to disturb highly sensitive people. That's one reason why some highly sensitive people end up becoming introverts. They just can't take the emotionally overwhelming life extroverts live

  • Sensitivity has a lot to do with emotional wounds: While there are highly sensitive people out there are also ones who become highly sensitive when you come near to one of their emotional wounds. In other words a non sensitive person might become very sensitive if you reminded him of one of his wounds. For example, the girl who believes that her parents didn't love her might become so sensitive to signs of rejection from friends or lovers.(see Overcoming rejection sensitivity)

    The important point you should also notice is that highly sensitive people are more likley to form emotional wounds since their sensitivity amplifies the intensity of bad experiences

Can someone get rid of emotional sensitivity?

The good news is that you can live a normal life even if you are a highly sensitive person. You first need to understand your emotional wounds perfectly then work on a plan to heal them.

You also need to learn how to process information correctly since you can get upset for no reason just because you interpreted the meaning of some words incorrectly. (see How your beliefs and concerns affected your perception)

Finally you need to avoid highly irritating and stressful tasks if possible as long as this doesn't affect your life in a way or another.

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