why do i sometimes become very sensitive

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why you are feeling that way now

Your current feelings are the result of all of situations you have been through since you were born up to this moment. The mood you experience at any point of your life is called the resultant mood because its the result of so many different emotions that are added up together.

Am pretty sure you once woke up feeling bad because of something that happened a day earlier. Because whatever happens in your life affects your resultant mood its a pretty good idea to understand how you can accumulate good emotions instead of bad ones so that you don't end up feeling bad.

All the feelings you have been through in your life are currently affecting your mood at this moment but with different degrees. Lets suppose that shame was the major emotion in this equation, then in such a case you will be very sensitive to anything that makes you feel ashamed.

why do i sometimes become very sensitive

Here is another example. If you always felt guilty because of believing that you did bad things in your life then any new situation that makes you feel a little more guilty will actually ruin your mood. (see also Why criticism affects me badly)

A simple action such as saying a bad word or not showing up on time will add up to your accumulated guilt and make you feel worse even if you didn't notice what happened. Most people don't notice the subtle changes in their moods but they just notice what happens to their resultant mood.

Keep on adding bits of the emotion that hurts you the most and you will end up feeling unhappy or even miserable. This is also the reason why normal situations that normally don't affect others affect you badly.

If something happened that induced one of the emotions that was contributing greatly to your resultant mood then you will feel really bad.

How to feel good all the time

So how can this problem be solved? And how can you feel good all the time?
Here is what you need to do:

  • 1) Find out the major emotions affecting your current mood: Start analyzing your current mood and finding out its components. Once you do so you will get an idea about the major emotions that are currently affecting you
  • 2) Stop doing the things that add to those major emotions: So your major emotion was found to be guilt? Then don't do anything that makes you feel guilty. By doing so you will ensure that you won't add up to your bad mood
  • 3) Release the negative emotions: Start taking serious actions to reduce the effect of the accumulated emotions. If your major emotion was guilt for example then start making up for what you did so that you get rid of this guilt.

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