What does not ready for a relationship really mean

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

1- The person still has someone in mind

A person can say that he is not ready when he has someone in mind. Usually that person is unable to admit the fact that he still thinks about someone and so he responds by saying that he is not ready.

Some people feel ashamed to admit the fact that they like someone since years and that they are unable to forget them, that's why they might choose 'not ready' for an answer.

2- The person is a commitment phoebe

Commitment phoebes say the truth when they tell their partners that they are not ready. It's just that they are always not ready and will never be.

Commitment phoebes usually freak out when they realize that a relationship is going in the right direction and so they come up with any excuse in order to pull away. One of those excuses is saying that they are not ready. See This is why you always fall in love with commitment phobes

3- A decent way to turn a person down

Many people feel guilty when someone they are not interested in tells them that they like them. Some of those people decide to give the not ready answer in order to politely turn the person down.

Of course this is just one case and saying not ready can have many other meanings apart from not being interested. See Can you win the heart of a person who is not interested

4- They have got lots of emotional problems

People who have many emotional problems and those who are too afraid to add to their problems might respond saying that they are not ready for a relationship.

This is quite common for people who suffered a lot in past relationships and who don't want to bring themselves more unwanted pain. See How your past can prevent you from recovering from a breakup

5- They are not sure what they want

People who are not sure what they want or who don't really know whether someone is suitable for them or not can use the 'not ready' excuse to give themselves more time to think about it.

Sometimes the not ready excuses is just a request for a break where the person feels like he needs to spend more time with himself to realize what he really wants, See why men are players.

6- To take revenge

Sometimes a person can use the not ready excuses in order to take revenge against someone. People who were previously hurt or who are mean might give that excuse in order to make a person feel bad.

The main objective those people have is to keep the person who likes them wondering so that gets confused and experiences a lot of pain, See Why closing a relationship the right way is very important for recovery

7- They aren't ready for the responsibility

Many people give the not ready response when they believe they aren't ready for the responsibility of a relationship.

People who have busy lives and the ones who have important issues to deal with might give that response.

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