3 ways to win the heart of a person who is not interested

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why attraction happens?

What makes a person interesting?
Why do some people find others uninteresting?
And can an uninterested person become interested?

Before you can know the answer to these questions you need to first know how attraction happens. Every person has a list in his mind, that he is usually not aware of, that includes the items that determine who is considered interesting.

The reason i said that most people aren't aware of the items in this list or of the fact that the list exists is that this list resides in the unconscious mind. Don't you sometimes find a person attractive without knowing what drew your attention to him?

I still remember one female saying "This guy doesn't have any attractive facial features but overall he is very attractive". That female was confused because she never knew that this guy matched many of the conditions present on her unconscious list or the love map.

Why are some people not interested in you?

When a person fails to match many of the important items in another person's love map then the later finds him uninteresting. So if someone was unconsciously looking for 10 different things and believed that you don't posses them then this person will find you uninteresting.

But there are very few important notes to consider here:

  • 1) People make quick judgments: People judge others very fast and in many cases someone can make incorrect conclusions about you that you can change later. In other words you might be considered uninteresting because the other person judged you incorrectly and not because you are truly uninteresting
  • 2) Judging people by their looks: So many people judge others by their looks but there is a trick in here. People make unconscious conclusions based on looks. In other words our subconscious minds extract lots of data from a person's physical appearance and then we use this data to judge their attractiveness. Now the good news is that you can still correct this data in the person's mind by broadcasting the right signals (see also Why your looks don't matter)
  • 3) incorrectly targeting the love map: Each person has so many items in their love map but there are usually few very important ones that must be found before a person is considered interesting. By doing proper research you can find out the items in a person's love map then display them indirectly to get that person interested in you again (see Does love have anything to do with logic)

How can it be done?

In my newest book Jane's Code i explained exactly how a man managed to attract a woman who wasn't interested in him by any means. She didn't find him attractive, she knew that he is broke and she was taller than him.

Slowly and carefully he managed to find out the most important items in her love map then he started broadcasting the right signals so that her subconscious mind catches them. Shortly they were married.

Yes you can attract a person who is not interested but you need to do some good research and a lot of effort.

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